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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2002Decentralization of a capital city's activities : a case study of Uttaranchal.Mittra, SarikaAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
1999Determinants of health status of the city of Calcutta.Ghosh, KousheyeeAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2007Developing a model for fixing tariff for an urban water utility system : case of Bangalore.Ranga, NagarajuAcharya, Shrawan Kumar; Viswanath, S.
2014Development along river teesta : Gangtok – Rangpo NH-31A Corridor.Sharma, Sneha LataAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2003Development assitance and urban sector reforms : critical understanding of TNUDP2.Joshi, RutulAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2006Development plan and environment - a case of Ahmedabad.Nadkarni, Rohit RamakrishnaAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2007Development strategies for Kalyani town - case study Kalyani town, West Bengal.Bala, KrishnaAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2007Development strategies for urban vacant land : a case of "Green belt" in Western Ahmedabad.Jani, NirajAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2002Diffusion of rural technological innovations at grassroots level through knowledge network.Ogra, AurobindoAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2012Disaster response of Sikkim state disaster management authority, post 18th September, 11 earthquake.Chauhan, SunainaAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
1995Eco-development : a case on the periphery of Rajiv gandhi national park.Anand, H. M.Acharya, Shrawan Kumar; Kolavalli, Shashi
1999Effectiveness of Panchayati Raj in M.P. : a study in Dewas district of M. P.Awade, Rahul KumarAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2011Effects of community based ecotourism on the Indigenous hill communities.Singh, KunalAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2005Emigration remittance and development in villages of Kerala : case study : Kulanada, Pathanamthitta.Mathew, Riby RachelAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2003Environmental management of Ennore coast : an ecosystem approach.Dinesh, G.Acharya, Shrawan Kumar
1995Environmental management plan of a Lake : a case study of Husainsagar Lake, Hyderabad, A.P.Ravikumar, V.Acharya, Shrawan Kumar
2007Evaluation of basic services in slums of Hyderabad.Penumarti, Phani Chandra KumarAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
1999Factors affecting utilization patterns of health care services by rural population.Shroff, Preeti K.Acharya, Shrawan Kumar
1995Farm house development and socio-economic changes in the villages : a case study of Kashid-Sarve village.Aundhkar, AdvaitAcharya, Shrawan Kumar; Khatu, K. K.
2012Feasibility study of employer-assisted housing in Sanand.Shah, Swati K.Acharya, Shrawan Kumar