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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1999Rag picking as an income generation activity : a case study of Ahmedabad.Roy, AnilAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2011Re-examining the inter-regional differentials for elementary education : a case of coastal Andhra & Telengana region in the state of Andhra Pradesh.Kumar, Avinash Y.Acharya, Shrawan Kumar
1997Recognition through organisation : the case of Ahmedabad hawkers.Srikantiah, AparnaAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2008Regional and intra-regional disparities in Maharashtra.Kulkarni, Aparna P.Acharya, Shrawan Kumar
2003Regional development and regional planning approach in Gujarat in retrospect and prospect.Trivedi, JanakAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
1994Regional planning efforts in North East India : role of North Eastern council.Dutta, Madhurjya KumarAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2010Regulatory planning approach to mitigate landslides : a case of Nilgiris.S. YogeshwariAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
1997Relevance of Naga traditional institution in development planning : a case study of Sungratsu village.PangzangkokbaAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2011Religious minorities- analytical study of housing preferences and constraints in Ahmedabad.Dhody, RichaAcharya, Shrawan Kumar; Desai, Anjana
2005Resettlement and rehabilitation strategies for slum dwellers of Delhi.Kishor, KishlayAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2012Review of Revised Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill, 2011.Mittal, NehaAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2010Revitalization of Chinatown, Kolkata.Ganguly, MahaswetaAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2012Rise of green advertising .Dande, RuchaAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2012Role of green infrastructure for climate change resilient cities : a case study of Pune.Padigala, BhaskarAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2011Role of women in natural resource management.Patwari, AanalAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
1995Small scale industrial development and infrastructure : a case study of Noida.Sinha, ShailiAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2001Socio-economic conditions of tea workers : a case study of Jorhat district.Lahon, B. M. KristhumarAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2000Socio-economic conditions of women in Papad Rolling and Khanavalis : a study of Mumbai slums.Desai, Chetna J.Acharya, Shrawan Kumar
2012Socio-economic development environmental status : a case study of cement industries, Himachal Pradesh.Dhiman, SwatiAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2003Spatial dimension of urban restructuring : a case of Mumbai.Neelakantan, P. K.Acharya, Shrawan Kumar