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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1995Small scale industrial development and infrastructure : a case study of Noida.Sinha, ShailiAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2001Socio-economic conditions of tea workers : a case study of Jorhat district.Lahon, B. M. KristhumarAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2000Socio-economic conditions of women in Papad Rolling and Khanavalis : a study of Mumbai slums.Desai, Chetna J.Acharya, Shrawan Kumar
2012Socio-economic development environmental status : a case study of cement industries, Himachal Pradesh.Dhiman, SwatiAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2003Spatial dimension of urban restructuring : a case of Mumbai.Neelakantan, P. K.Acharya, Shrawan Kumar
2000State of NGOs in Nagaland : case study of Naga Students' Federation , Church's Auxiliary for Social Action and Prodigat's Home.Khatstu, PetevilieAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2012Status of corporate social responsibility in India : an insight into its environmental and climate change perspectives .Ruchi, SnehaAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2001Status of health and hygiene : a system study in coal mines.Ghosh, KoelAcharya, Shrawan Kumar; Sishodiya, P. K.
2002Strategies for slum improvement in Nagpur.Pophali, Anuradha S.Acharya, Shrawan Kumar
1999Strategies for tourism development in Kutch.Patel, UtkarshAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
1994Strategy plan for Kokrajhar district : a case study of handloom industry.Basumatary, Premjit KumarAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2007Sustainable city management and corporate sector : a case of steel city Jamshedpur.Pancholi, Vidya SagarAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
1994Sustainable funding system for urban poor.Miriyanam, GaneshAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2017Sustainable livelihood approach and climate change adaptation : understanding processes and multi - stakeholders' perceptions.Shah, JankiAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2011Sustainable livelihood strategies of urban poor : a case of Ahmedabad.Sahu, RupaliAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
1995Sustainable use of wetlands : East Calcutta wetlands.Saha, ChandraniAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2012Temperature variability study of Gujarat.Talati, ShivaniAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2012Toilet preferences among slum dwellers - a case study of Ahmedaabad.Parmar, JainilAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2005Tools and concepts for planning and assessment of the urban green structure.Singh, JasmineAcharya, Shrawan Kumar
2007Traditional market and urban planning : a case study of Khwairamband Keithel.Devi, Hijam EskoniAcharya, Shrawan Kumar