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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1984Communication alliance analysis : case of a rural system.Pant, Sushil KumarAgrawal, Binod C.; Vishwanath, B. N.
1975Community co-existence?.Bhagat, Yunus S.Agrawal, Binod C.
1986Comparative study of children's activity in vertically and horizontally expanded housing schemes in Ahmedabad city.Parikh, AshishAgrawal, Binod C.
1985Constancy and change in the urban dwelling environment of Ahmedabad.Rameshwar, Palavajjhala V. K.Agrawal, Binod C.
1990Culture specific house form : Nair Tarawads of Kerala.Vamadevan, SunilAgrawal, Binod C.
1983Determinants of health among the urban poor : a case study of Ahmedabad.Sharma, AshaAgrawal, Binod C.; Mehta, Dinesh
1984Development communications : activity specific need assessment : case study of village Chotanarena in Rajasthan.Patur, Ravinder ReddyAgrawal, Binod C.; Vishwanath, B. N.
2008Diachronic spatial adaptation : tracing patterns of continuity and change : a study of dwelling clusters in Ahmedabad.Panchal, Dhruva J.Agrawal, Binod C.
2010Discourse on caste politics: a case study of Bihar.Bholey, MihirAgrawal, Binod C.
1986Dwelling alternation behaviour : a study of personal Manifestations in Mass constructed middle income group dwellings of Ahmedabad.Patel, Bharat M.Agrawal, Binod C.
1983Evolution of Indo-Islamic tombs Delhi, Agra, Sasaram.Kalyanwala, KhushrooAgrawal, Binod C.
1982Hindu ritual movement : study of Sri Virupaksha Temple : Humpi.Kotecha, DipakAgrawal, Binod C.
1984House : a socio-cultural reality : an analysis of Koya built form Mapilla settlements of Kerala.Hazra, AshishAgrawal, Binod C.
1988Houseform and settlement : a manifestation of socio-cultural beliefs : a study of Kharak settlements in Bhavnagar district, Gujarat.Pandya, Devdutt J.Agrawal, Binod C.
1987Houseforms in a cultural context : a study of Fatehpur Shekhawati, Rajasthan.Ruchira, PalavajjhalaAgrawal, Binod C.
1983Human response to contemporary urban open spaces : a comparative study of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.Mahadevia, DarshiniAgrawal, Binod C.
2006Making of ritual space : a case study of Nagar Brahmins, Gujarat .Mashruwala, Mili SanjayAgrawal, Binod C.
1981Mass Housing : a review with man in mind.Balakrishnan, PramodAgrawal, Binod C.
1986Mass housing in the composite tropical climate : An analysis of Ahmedabad.Anish KumarAgrawal, Binod C.
1990Meaning in Khasi house forms : a study of traditional and Bungalow type house forms of Cherrapunji.Mawkhroh, Aiban ShngainAgrawal, Binod C.