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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2000Study of cost accounting in contracting firm.Patel, AvaniAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2001Study of cost control technique : earned value.Shaikh, Sajid G.Akalkotkar, Prakash V.
1999Study of crashing as a management technique.Kavathia, MeeraAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
1997Study of credit structure for housing structure.Choksi, SuchitaAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
1997Study of formwork system for canal structure : case study of NMC structure.Acharya, KaushalAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2006Study of HRM practices in large construction companies pertaining to organization, information system and planning.Sinha, RuchiAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2003Study of ISO based quality management system in construction projects and proposing a model system.Selot, NehaAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
1999Study of joint ventures in the construction industry.Paralikar, Amit JayantAkalkotkar, Prakash V.; Kamat, S. V.
2005Study of methods and parameters for financing infrastuctures projects : case studies of expressways.Shah, SaumilAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2006Study of models for port development.Shah, BiralAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2002Study of performance of power utilities, AEC, GEB, TATA POWER.Irani, Shahzad B.Akalkotkar, Prakash V.
1998Study of project management strategies : applied to fast track infrastructure projects.Rawlley, SangitAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2005Study of project management techniques used in construction project : a case study of warehouse construction.Vachaspati, VidyaAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
1997Study of rehabilitation practices in Mumbai city.Verma, AnkuraAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2001Study of resource levelling as a management technique for cost parameters in housing and industrial projects.Shrivastava, PinkiAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2000Study of resource smoothing for cost parameters, in housing projects.Patel, Mehali AtulAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2010Study of safety management system at elevated metro corridor.Prasad, ShaliniAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2005Study of the port policy of Gujarat for sustainable development of ports.Kabra, NikitaAkalkotkar, Prakash V.; Sharma, Atul A.
1998Study on application of bot-concept : based on commercialization models for infrastructure projects.Pandya, Chirayu J.Akalkotkar, Prakash V.
2006Study, analysis and design of decision support system for concrating organizations.Bajoria, Gunjan R.Akalkotkar, Prakash V.