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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2005Polyphony of themes : locating the structure of change, focus : the walled edge, Ahmedabad, India : establishing the relation between the fort wall and urban growth in the process of change .Kunte, Keya K.Arya, Meghal
2019Re-constituting a spatial relationship between people and water : an architectural intervention for stepped ponds of northern Kerala.Shalu, M. K.Arya, Meghal
2018Reconnecting the void back to the city : exploration case of Kotitirth lake and Shahu mill precinct.Patil, KetkiArya, Meghal
2016Reinventing school : to address the need of quality education in India.Karasolia, Vipin SinghArya, Meghal
2019Rethinking a pre-primary school design through a postmodernist lens.Chakravarthy, Nikhil K.Arya, Meghal
2012Revitalization of Sanskar Kendra, Ahmedabad.Bapat, HarshadaArya, Meghal
2005Role of physical factors in determination of house form.Modi, Chintan S.Arya, Meghal
2011Sense of place : understanding the making of a built form in Kutch region.Bhatt, JahnaviArya, Meghal
2019Sites of memory : reviving the stories and memories of Mumbai mills through architecture.Kajale, Sameer AnandaArya, Meghal
2008Study of colonial clubs as a building type .Chokshi, Shaili AshwinArya, Meghal
2012Study of Nesada : settlements in Gir.Kathiyara, Nidhi NikhilbhaiArya, Meghal
2015Study of spatial organization and typology of water wells of Nawalgarh.Khatri, Shivani BhadreshArya, Meghal
2010Study of the spatial structure of a temple town : Omkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh.Gajjar, Deven R.Arya, Meghal
2005Timeless experience : a study of recreational spaces in Indian palaces : case studies : Deeg and Jagmandir palace complexes : Rajasthan .Panchal, Ujjval H.Arya, Meghal
2010Transfomation of space as a response to ritual.Thaker, AnkitaArya, Meghal
2004Transformations in time : understanding space in the context of light, seasons, movement and human habitation.Jain, AnjaliArya, Meghal
2005Transition spaces in architecture their significance and architectural mani festations in performing arts centersBhardwaj, KrupaArya, Meghal
2004Understanding a sacred space : a study of the mosque of Rani Sipri at Ahmedabad, the Chapel at Ronchamp and the Sun Temple at Modhera.Chauhan, DhavalArya, Meghal
2011Understanding design process : framing an underlying process towards architectural design.Bhanawat, RuchiraArya, Meghal
2014Understanding interior space making through the presence of waterbody and its impacts.Deshmukh, RenukaArya, Meghal