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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2017Behind the watertank under the tree : exploring spatial preference of children in school environmentsAmin, AmanBharat, Gauri
2017Blending identities : understanding the architectural identity of Indo-Judaic synagogues.Anjali, K.Bharat, Gauri
2016Built forms and spaces in architecture are a reflection of profession : the case of Dahanu.Mistry, Divya DipakBharat, Gauri
2012Comparing Santhal and Bhumij house forms an inquiry into the notion of a house.Shah, DhavalBharat, Gauri
2013Conctruct a sense of place by using the residents perceptions of the built environment of Shahibaug.Jethaliya, Shivani BalkrishnaBharat, Gauri
2020Cultural construction of spaces through an inquiry into space names: a case of Gujarati language in the residential public realm of the walled city of AhmedabadModi, KhevnaBharat, Gauri
2015Evolution of architecture of the travancore palaces.Parvathy, Devi V. K.Bharat, Gauri
2015Evolution of architecture of the travancore palaces.Parvathy, Devi V. K.Bharat, Gauri
2018Exploring the idea of territory : in case of vernacular houses of Sadadvera village.Ganvit, SwatiBharat, Gauri
2014Expression of cultural identity in built environment focus on facades, reception areas of lodging homes in Pushkar.Bhagtani, KomalBharat, Gauri
2016History of chawls in early industrial Ahmedabad : exploring the relationship of the built form and the society.Thomas, ElizabethBharat, Gauri
2018Homes on move: architecture of changpa nomadic pastoralist of LadakhChharchhoda, MustufaBharat, Gauri; lyenger, Sushmo
2018Homes on the move - the domestic architecture of dhangars and dangi keepers of Maharashtra.Pipaliya, NidhiBharat, Gauri
2018Homes on the move .Rohit, Priyanka KumariBharat, Gauri
2018Homes on the move : Changpas of Rupshu.Ghadiyali, AkashBharat, Gauri
2018Homes on the move Rabaris of Kutchh.Vadher, SagarBharat, Gauri
2015Importance of warli paintings in the built form of the community.Panchal, AditiBharat, Gauri
2018Living on the move : the domestic architecture of the brokpa tribe of Arunachala.Gandhi, AeshaBharat, Gauri
2015Mewar miniature paintings : a medium to understand place case study of Jagmandir palace, Udaipur.Chauhan, Margie M.Bharat, Gauri
2020Mosque architecture of Indian West coast : case of Gujarat and Malabar maritime settlementsTherese, LisaBharat, Gauri