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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2019Imagining a heterotopian space for students in Mumbai, a space from and for commoning.Karve, GargiDesai, Urvi
2015Impact of change in building material on house form : a case of Kelad village, Maharashtra .Mugdha, PargundeDesai, Urvi
2014Impact of climate change under A2 scenario on potato yield for Anand district, Gujarat.Patel, SaurabhkumarDesai, Urvi; Lunagaria, Manoj
2012Impact on livelihood due to policy intervention .Aswani, PrachiDesai, Urvi; Mehta, Sonal
2014Innovation and evaluation of roofing component in hot and dry climate a case of Bhuj - Kutch.Veerendranath, S.Desai, Urvi; Kotak, Tejas
2013Inquiry into reinforced concrete as a green material.Miskin, SnehaDesai, Urvi
2018Integrated framework for developing urban riverfronts.Jaiswal, PoojaDesai, Urvi; Shurpali, Umesh
2018Integrating community participation in urban transition - by using "tactical urbanism" as a tool for place making.Indorewala, MurtuzaDesai, Urvi
2017Integrating street vendors in street design a case of Vadodara.Thanki, KaushalDesai, Urvi
2018Kenzo Tange in context of Japanese modern architectureDhruv, JineshDesai, Urvi
2019Learning to live with floods : flood adaptive strategies and resilient design of an urban market.Das, Abindam KumarDesai, Urvi
2015Optimizing shading devices for reduction in cooling loads : a case of commercial building in Ahmedabad.Brahmbhatt, BhoomikaDesai, Urvi
2013Post occupancy evaluation of LEED rated buildings.Nagda, Ketika M.Desai, Urvi
2015Rainwater harvesting in existing urban fabric : studying the case of CBD-Belapur, Navi Mumbai.Bhoosnurmath, VachanaDesai, Urvi
2013Residential rooftop rainwater harvesting in Ahmedabad : potential and barriers.Sangra, JaskiratDesai, Urvi
2010Revitilization of old city of Kolhapur.Bhingarde, ManasiDesai, Urvi
2014Rural transformation and land use change an inquiry in to social change due to induced land use change in case of DSRI , Dholera, Gujarat.Zala, RaghuvirsinhDesai, Urvi
2015Shelter after disaster : role of architects in people-centric recovery.Das, NakulDesai, Urvi
2015Social interaction and the buit form.Thacker, PrernaDesai, Urvi
2018Spatial practices of commoning : claiming the streets as social space in the city of Surat.Vegad, Rajendrakmar BhagvanjiDesai, Urvi