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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2014Parameters affecting municipal water supply cost recovery : a case of Ahmedabad.Gajjar, Juhi KanaiyalalIyer, Mona
2018Participatory water resource management : experiences from Bhuj and Bhopal.Mishra, GargiIyer, Mona
2010Performance assessment of solid waste management : the case of Ahmedabad city.Mansuri, AasimIyer, Mona
2009Performance improvement of urban water services in the context of cost recovery : case of Ahmedabad.Patil, ShivnathIyer, Mona
2011Policy incentives and disineentives for wastewater reuse - a case of Gujarat.Panchal, KinnariIyer, Mona
2008Policy review : Jawaharlal Nehru national urban renewal mission.Dalal, Dhara A.Iyer, Mona; Mehta, Meera
2007Potential of cargo movement through national waterways in India.Singhal, NehaIyer, Mona
2014Rain water harvesting: the case of Ahmedabad.Shah, MananIyer, Mona
2013Review of implementation procedures under JNNURM reforms : cases of Ahmedabad and Kolkata.Dastidar, EmonIyer, Mona
2011Role of contracts in solid waste management sevice delivery : case of Maharashtra.Shinde, Dipti ShriniwasIyer, Mona
2012Role of informal sector in plastic waste management in the purview of plastic waste rules, 2011.Mahato, PrabhatIyer, Mona
2007Role of municipal financial intermediaries in urban infrastructure financing - exploring their potential and relevance in India.Radhakrishnan, NamrathaIyer, Mona; Mehta, Meera
2020Spatial ecological and water sensitive planning for CalicutKuzhivelil, Sachin C.Iyer, Mona
2007Study of municipal financies : a case of health care finance of AMC.Lal, RuhiIyer, Mona; Parthasarathy, R.
2021Towards water smart cities: assessment of water resilience and governance in BhujPathak, Devas DarshanIyer, Mona
2011Urban drinking water quality monitoring mechanism : case of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.Panchal, DhruviIyer, Mona
2016Water and urban development paradigms : a case study of Bangalore lakes system.Raichur, MayuriIyer, Mona