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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2016E-waste management : performance assessment of authorized recycling facilities in Gujarat state.Bhatt, DivyanshuIyer, Mona
2011Economic regulation of airports : critical review of AERA.Singh, ArunAdhvaryu, Bhargav; Iyer, Mona
2019Electrical energy consumption in municipal services : assessment of factors effecting energy demand for water supply services.Chouhan, ShivaniIyer, Mona
2019Electricity consumption in municipal services : relationship with the urban form.Vaish, ShellyIyer, Mona
2020Energy efficiency in municipal services : assessment of city level fuel consumption in municipal solid waste managementBhattacharyya, SnehaIyer, Mona; Rawal, Rajan
2020Energy efficiency in municipal services: assessment of building level energy consumption in water servicesPatel, Palak SureshkumarIyer, Mona; Rawal, Rajan
2008Evolving a competitive electricity market for Gujarat : issues and opportunities.Desai, Pratixa A.Bajaj, K. K.; Iyer, Mona
2009Examining role and influence of PPP in rail based freight movement in India.Soni, ParthivDuggal, H. S.; Iyer, Mona
2009Factors affecting non aeronautical sources of revenue with focus on brownfield airport privatization.Sahni, SakshiIyer, Mona; Raghuram, G.
2019Faecal sludge and septage management : experiences in urban India .Swarup, SupriyaIyer, Mona
2011Framework for comparative assessment of high speed rail and air transportation.Vaidya, Parth DhinendraIyer, Mona; Adhvaryu, Bhargav
2014From Bhooj to Bhuj: rise and fall of water resource management system.Raman, KartikIyer, Mona
2012Groundwater governance- Gujarat.Yadav, UpasanaIyer, Mona
2006ICD as a logistics service provider : concerns and prospects.Rishi, DeepIyer, Mona; Raghuram, G.
2009Identify and examine factors affecting financial performance of loss making airports.Pandey, RishabhIyer, Mona; Raghuram, G.
2014Identifying the factors that affects urban drinking water supply Institutions in India.Cherian, Anish AbrahamIyer, Mona
2017Impact of Pirana dumpsite on local groundwater resource.Roy, Jeevan S LIyer, Mona
2017Impact of Sabarmati riverfront on the groundwater levels in its vicinity.Patel, ShipraIyer, Mona
2007Impacts of land reclamation on the fisheries resource of Ashtamudi Wetland, Kerala.Ramachandran, MinuIyer, Mona
2010Incentives and disincentives in the application of DEWATS : the case of Maharashtra.Husain, Nisreen AbidIyer, Mona