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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2016Relation between urban form and BRTS transit use.Chaudhari, MithilaJoshi, Rutul
2011Relevance of public parks in public life : case of Delhi.Shukla, JyotiJoshi, Rutul
2021Resilient urban planning developing social resilience for urban systems: a case of Kolkata�s urban poorDas, Pratit KumarJoshi, Rutul
2018Restructuring the urban realm around transit stations.Merchant, ShikhaJoshi, Rutul
2009Revitalization of the wall city : a case study of Ahmedabad .Paradava, Prashantkumar BalvantbhaiJoshi, Rutul
2017Role of mobility of urban poor women in moving out of poverty : a case study of slum resettlement in Surat.Singh, GodhuliJoshi, Rutul
2013Shelter-transport-livelihood links of low-income urban women : a case of Bangalore.Sastry, PoojaJoshi, Rutul
2023Spatial narratives of women's everyday negotiations in the city : the case of mobility and safety in DelhiHakhu, ArundhatiJoshi, Rutul
2009Strengthening financial mechanism of comprehensive mobility plan - a case of Pune.Deshpande, PranjaliJoshi, Rutul
2017Study of integration of artisans in the HRIDAY scheme in the cities of Kanchipuram and Puri.Ganesh, DevikaDesai, Jigna; Joshi, Rutul
2017Study of travel behavior of urban for inclusive transport planning - case of Pune.Pise, YogeshJoshi, Rutul
2021TOD assessment for Indian cities � a case of Dwarka and Uttam NagarParashar, HarshitJoshi, Rutul
2021TOD assessment in context of indian cities : a case of ahmedabadSehgal, MallikaJoshi, Rutul
2018Towards sustainable mobility in historic precincts : the case of Panaji, Goa.Menon, AnshulaJoshi, Rutul
2019Transformation : urban form and built typologies contextualising transit oriented development for indian cities.Bhatia, Enakshee KrishankumarJoshi, Rutul
2016Transformation of designed urban spaces : case of bhadra plaza, Ahmedabad.Gajjar, Krunal JayantibhaiJoshi, Rutul
2018Understanding the factors affecting affordable housing around transit-oriented development : a case of Bangalore, Karnataka.Sanjayan, PoojaJoshi, Rutul
2015Understanding the interaction of street form and activities on street to evolve a theoritical activity form interaction frame work.Rajpurohit, HarshvardhanJoshi, Rutul
2009Urban governance issues in Patna practice and prospects.DeepikaJoshi, Rutul
2011Urban growth patterns in landuse planning of Ahmedabad : is compact city concept achievable?.Nargunde, Aadish VinayakJoshi, Rutul; Mohammed, Mahroof