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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2009Study of elements and character of lake periphery for recreation.Shah, Vidisha K.Kadam, Rajiv
2012Study of factors for design of low coast housing in India.Shah, Sanjay RameshchandraKadam, Rajiv
2009Study of house form and settlement of Bohra community at Palanpur : understanding the constant and the variation.Mistry, Parag JayeshkumarKadam, Rajiv
2008Study of houseform and settlement pattern at Vadnagar.Choksi, JigneshkumarKadam, Rajiv
2019Study of informal interactions in libraries.Suthar, SanskrutiKadam, Rajiv
2015Study of institutions and its contextual response - cases of colonial architecture in India.Panchal, RiddhiKadam, Rajiv
2018Study of Jain sacred place - Sammed Shikharji .Shah, MaitryKadam, Rajiv
2015Study of livability in neighborhoods of Ahmedabad city.Mistry, Heli MukeshbhaiKadam, Rajiv
2010Study of market as an urban public place.Dave, ArchieKadam, Rajiv
2014Study of the houseforms of Salvi community, Patan : patola makers house :.Nayak, Shreya AtulKadam, Rajiv
2018Study of the relationship of social system and urban form : case of Uzan bazr, Guwahati.Sabhapandit, AmritaKadam, Rajiv; Sharma, Chandan Kumar
2017Theories of alienation and its manifestation in Indian urban settlements.Jacob, Amala AnnaKadam, Rajiv
2010To study the architecture of mausoleums at Champaner.Noorani, KasimKadam, Rajiv
2014Traditional dwelling of Wadhwan : climatic and sociocultural response to architectural form and space.Shivam, MayurKadam, Rajiv
2012Transformation of house forms in Mapusa due to commercialisation.Gajjar, Saloni DeepakKadam, Rajiv
2013Transforming the market by reconnecting it to the spatial network of the city, case : Khanderao market Vadodara, Gujarat.Anand, SreedeviKadam, Rajiv
2005Transience, Billboards and Emerging Building types .Mukherjee, RanjeetKadam, Rajiv
2016Transit oriented development : a model to improve urban life : case of Hyderabad city.Murthy, ShravaniKadam, Rajiv
2011Typo morphological study of Bohrvad in KhambhatSreeraj, Rajendra PrakashKadam, Rajiv
2014Typo-morphological study of market place.Shah, ParthKadam, Rajiv