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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2016Case study on renovation ideas and applications on abandoned residential zon : in Ahmedabad old city.Kim, MinjinKadam, Rajiv
2011City and coexistence of classes case identified - Gurgaon, Haryana.Sharma, TriptiKadam, Rajiv
2017Collective memory in cities : through festival procession.Das, DeepakKadam, Rajiv
2006Color : an element of urban image.Kanuga, LavanyaKadam, Rajiv
2006Colour : an element of 'urban image' .Lavanya, KanugaKadam, Rajiv
2011Continuity and change in Bhutanese architecture.Mishra, AbhinavKadam, Rajiv
2015Defining edges as connectors and stitching across governances for urbanisation that eqully caters to city and to the village : case of Gandhinagar - Pethapur.Modi, RajeshwariKadam, Rajiv
2013Defining the urban edge to the hill towards a built environment which is ecologically sustainable, economically productive and politically and socially participatory case : Prasik hill, Navi Mumbai.Athalye, Smruti ShrikantKadam, Rajiv
2010Design of zoos 'human interpretation of animal habitat'.Gadani, UtsaviKadam, Rajiv
2013Documenting factors responsible for changes in the single dwelling housing unit in mass housing.Vasava, Jayshree SomabhaiKadam, Rajiv
2016Enhancing image by integrating land and water : a case of Kollam.Nandagopal, Suresh  Kadam, Rajiv
2016Enhancing urban experiences in small town Idar.Suthar, Himanshu SuryakantKadam, Rajiv
2018Examining the role of urban morphology in impacting the rate of crime against women in Indian cities.Kumar, Harish C.Kadam, Rajiv
2021Experience of a visually impaired person in a museum spaceKhetan, AashnaKadam, Rajiv
2010Exploration of urban design model out of human behavioral patterns.Shaikh, VasimKadam, Rajiv
2015Frame of a blind person's eye.Jain, MokshaKadam, Rajiv
2010History of architecture of the Rajkumar college Rajkot from 1870 to 2009.Ahir, Nikhil M.Kadam, Rajiv
2009House form at Siddhpur .Makwana, Sudhir K.Kadam, Rajiv
2018Idea of public ground : study of formality and informality in public grounds.Raju, S. B.Kadam, Rajiv
2012Image of the city : a study of user's perception of a street in Indian context.Kokel, HeenaKadam, Rajiv