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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2020Market and the city : a comparative study of markets and the relation to their origin cities of different time periods to understand the Indian urban systemsSinha, JuhiKadam, Rajiv
2010Medieval defense architecture of Kumbhalgarh fort.Barad, Praful M.Kadam, Rajiv
2017Morphological study of settlement in NavsariPatel, DhrutikaKadam, Rajiv
2017Mosque and its relationship with the urban space : analyzing the case of the jami chowk bazaar, Bhopal.Shaikh, NusratjahanKadam, Rajiv
2013Natural systems as a structuring and ordering principle of settlement, Bhuj.Arsiwala, YusufKadam, Rajiv
2007Notion of dwelling envioronment study of adaptation to change reflected through time : a case study of Nagar Wada, Junagadh.Makwana, Nirav A.Kadam, Rajiv
2016Order in stimuli provoking imaginative play.Menon, Priyanka S.Kadam, Rajiv
2018Parsi dwellings in Bharuch - to study the cultural dimensions of Parsi living and various influences, climatic response and transformation on the built form of Parsi houses.Gandhi, AayushiKadam, Rajiv
2014People centric urbanism : bicycling case Bhubaneshwar.Swastic, B. K.Kadam, Rajiv
2017Place making : looking through the lens of urban design.Maharana, ChinmayaKadam, Rajiv
2016Privacy in public places a study of public display of affection in Ahmedabad.Parmar, Maulik D.Kadam, Rajiv
2011Pushkar : evolution, settlement pattern, and elements of sacred town.Suthar, DhavalKadam, Rajiv
2016Re-envisioning natural water systems as a network of public spaces : case of Nullah systems of Pune.Bhat, AmulyaKadam, Rajiv
2016Re-imagining a city through the lens of kinetic landscapes : case of Dadar-Mumbai.Patkar, PrathameshKadam, Rajiv
2010Recomposing movement systems : a case of J J flyover Mumbai.Dwijomala, HanjabamKadam, Rajiv
2014Redeveloping the idea of company township case : tata motors colony, Jamshedpur.Dwaipayan, AichKadam, Rajiv
2019Redevelopment of pankha road Dabri, New Delhi.Rawat, SumitKadam, Rajiv
2018Redevelopment of town centre for a small town : Narkhed, Maharashtra.Dhote, Sunita P.Kadam, Rajiv
2011Region based urbanism : an integrated eco-cultural urban development perspective : case of bioregion-kumarakom, Kerala.Surekha, K.C.Kadam, Rajiv
2016Reimaginng the public realm in the heritage zone of Bodhgaya.Raje, Khushboo SmritiKadam, Rajiv