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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2012Accessible railway station : case study of Kalupur, Ahmedabad.Shah, AnujLokre, Abhijit
2017Analyzing the travel behavior and mobility patterns of the blind, a case study of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.Palepu, ShivaniLokre, Abhijit
2017Appraising the influence of street patterns on non motorized travel behavior.Postaria, RonikaLokre, Abhijit
2016Assessing accessibility for metro stations in Faridabad.Bakshi, VibhoreLokre, Abhijit
2021Assessing parking management & action plan for Indian cities: a case of SuratSanghvi, DhvaniLokre, Abhijit
2017Assessing the accessibility to public spaces.Bhatia, Amrinder KaurLokre, Abhijit
2019Assessing the impact of shift of AMTS buses on the BRTS corridor.Dhok, DivyankaLokre, Abhijit
2011Assessment of BRTS in India.Jain, ShraddhaLokre, Abhijit
2017Assessment of bus contracting models : a case study of Bhopal.Gounder, Kanika R.Lokre, Abhijit
2014Comparative analysis of direction based vs destination based bus system.Patel, ChintanLokre, Abhijit
2021Comparative assessment of business models of public bicycle sharing system: examining the relationship between business models and system performance of PBS systemSingh, AkankshaLokre, Abhijit
2017Contextual street design : a case of design.Visakha, K. A.Lokre, Abhijit
2017Critical evaluation of National Urban Transport Policy .Kothawala, AnujaLokre, Abhijit
2014DCR as a tool to enhance quality of space in transit oriented zone.Gola, KanicaLokre, Abhijit
2016Economic impacts of unconstrained and free on-street parking : a case study of Ahmedabad .Talak, Tanmay Alias Vishnu MadhavLokre, Abhijit
2018Enquiry into loss of bus ridership : a case of Chennai bus transport system.Ragul, E.Lokre, Abhijit
2018Evaluating factors influencing high capacity BRT operation : case study of Chennai.Adithya, D.Lokre, Abhijit
2016Evaluating impact of user behaviour on street design : a case of Mumbai's LBS marg.Badarinath, AnirudhLokre, Abhijit
2017Evaluating publicness of public spaces.Pingale, Sarang UdayLokre, Abhijit
2011Evaluating quality of streets : a case of Ahmedabad.Sutaria, Aanan KiritkumarLokre, Abhijit