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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1991Energy crisis natural gas : a viable option for transport sector.Srinivas, D.S.R.K.Mehta, Dinesh
1990Environmental impact assessment of Inchampalli multipurpose river valley project across river Godavari .Reddy, E. SaikumarMehta, Dinesh
1992Environmental management plan for Barnar reservoir project.Srivastava, PushkarMehta, Dinesh
1983Evaluation of integrated development of small and medium towns scheme in Gujarat.Kinariwala, N. Z.Brahmbhatt, B. M.; Mehta, Dinesh
1984Evaluation of mini buses in P.T.C., Madras.Rao, U. MukeshMehta, Dinesh; Rajesh, T.
1981Factorial ecology of Ahmedabad.Sundaravel, S.Mehta, Dinesh; Swaminathan, S. V.
1985Factors and determinants of city growth : an empirical analysis.Shrimali, Satish kumarMehta, Dinesh
1990Feasibility of ethanol as a substitute fuel in transportation sector in India.Ramachandrudu, M. V.Mehta, Dinesh
2014Food security in india : issues and approaches.Sundrani, NamrataMehta, Dinesh
1979Habitat mobility for the urban poor : case study Ahmedabad.Gandhi, Hiren A.Mehta, Dinesh; Radhakrishna, R.
1979Housing assistance to the rural poor : an exposition of planned attempts and achievements in Gujarat.Chavda, Rajnikant M.Mehta, Dinesh
1988Housing demand in Madras metropolis.Srinivas, V.Mehta, Dinesh; Shivanand Swamy, H. M.
1987Housing finance in India : a critique.Narender, A.Mehta, Dinesh
1991Housing supply by private sector in Hyderabad.Divakerachary, G.Mehta, Dinesh
1986How the other half gains access to land : various processes through which land is made accessible to lower income groups.Patel, SonalMehta, Dinesh
1989Impact of industrial waste waters : a case of G.I.D.C. - Vatwa, Ahmedabad.Dinesh Kumar, MahendraMehta, Dinesh; Ramaprasad, T. N. C.
2016Impact of urban development on land values : case of Lucknow city.Yadav, HimaniMehta, Dinesh
1985Impact on industrial location on the pattern of migration : case study of Rourkela-Steel-Plant, Orissa.Daspattanayak, PritirekhaMehta, Dinesh; Raze, Moonis
2019Inclusive sanitation service delivery in wai.Haque, NidaDwivedi, Aditi; Mehta, Dinesh
1991Industrial water pollution abatement : a case study of Pali Industrial Estate.Verma, JagdishMehta, Dinesh