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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1979Habitat mobility for the urban poor : case study Ahmedabad.Gandhi, Hiren A.Mehta, Dinesh; Radhakrishna, R.
1979Housing assistance to the rural poor : an exposition of planned attempts and achievements in Gujarat.Chavda, Rajnikant M.Mehta, Dinesh
1988Housing demand in Madras metropolis.Srinivas, V.Mehta, Dinesh; Shivanand Swamy, H. M.
1987Housing finance in India : a critique.Narender, A.Mehta, Dinesh
1991Housing supply by private sector in Hyderabad.Divakerachary, G.Mehta, Dinesh
1986How the other half gains access to land : various processes through which land is made accessible to lower income groups.Patel, SonalMehta, Dinesh
1989Impact of industrial waste waters : a case of G.I.D.C. - Vatwa, Ahmedabad.Dinesh Kumar, MahendraMehta, Dinesh; Ramaprasad, T. N. C.
2016Impact of urban development on land values : case of Lucknow city.Yadav, HimaniMehta, Dinesh
1985Impact on industrial location on the pattern of migration : case study of Rourkela-Steel-Plant, Orissa.Daspattanayak, PritirekhaMehta, Dinesh; Raze, Moonis
2019Inclusive sanitation service delivery in wai.Haque, NidaDwivedi, Aditi; Mehta, Dinesh
1991Industrial water pollution abatement : a case study of Pali Industrial Estate.Verma, JagdishMehta, Dinesh
1985Intra-metropolitan industrial location : a case study of Coimbatore.Devanandam, EstherMehta, Dinesh; Indralekha, R.
1985Irrigation impact analysis : a case study of Malampuzha irrigation project.Vijayan, P. K.Mehta, Dinesh
1992Land development processes in Delhi's fringe area.Sen, RiniMehta, Dinesh
1992Land management information system : a critical evolution of existing system in Jaipur.Singh, BharatMehta, Dinesh
1980Landuse and beyond understanding of dynamics and interdependencies of urban land use determinants.Ataollah, AghelizadebDoshi, Balkrishna V.; Mehta, Dinesh
1978Location of a capital city : a case study of Haryana.Dalal, Satyvir SinghGanguly, Robin; Mehta, Dinesh
2013Mega events as a catalyst for urban transformation - a case of Kumbh mela in Ujjain.Bansal, ArpitaMehta, Dinesh
1977Metropolitan city centre in Madras.Jason, A. MonilalMehta, Dinesh
1984Micro-level planning in India : an inquiry into the district planning process.Vengama, Raju K.Mehta, Dinesh