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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1981Rehabilitation in the Narmada Project : promises and realities.Mehta, SalilMehta, Dinesh; Sita, K.
1978Residential locations behavior : the case of Ahmedabad.Lalka, Bhaskar M.Doshi, Balkrishna V.; Mehta, Dinesh
2010Responsive city governance : a case of water supply in Navsari.De, AnweshaMehta, Dinesh
1991Shelter construction in Vishakhapatnam : organisations, construction management and technology.Murthy, M. V. R.Mehta, Dinesh
2016Spatio-temporal analysis of manufacturing industries in Gujarat.Kapoor, Mohit PrakashMehta, Dinesh
2008Strategies for housing the poor in Indore city.Kools, NeliMankad, Urvi; Mehta, Dinesh
1985Strategy for tourism development in Goa.Coutinho, Joao PedroDeshpande, S. P.; Mehta, Dinesh
1988Study of middle and upper income group rental housing in Madras city.Saraswathi, S.Mehta, Dinesh
1988Study of urban private housing market : a case study of Bombay.Tanna, AbhijitMehta, Dinesh
1992Supply of residential land, an understanding : case study of Visakhapatnam urban area.Putta, Viplava KumarMehta, Dinesh
-Systems design of urban structure.Reddy, K. Ravi KumarMehta, Dinesh; Thakker, Valmik
1990Techno economic options for water supply and sanitation : framework for urban fringes.Dalal, Ami N.Mehta, Dinesh
1991Towards an appropriate housing finance system : case study of Vadodara.Karvekar, Satish P.Mehta, Dinesh
2009Transformation in the role of Madhya Pradesh housing board.Pawar, PriyankaMehta, Dinesh
2011Urban growth dynamics of Madhya Pradesh.Khare, TanviMehta, Dinesh
1983Urbanization trends and patterns in Gujarat.Shah, Piyushkumar ShantilalMehta, Dinesh
2010Water and sanitation in peri urban areas : a case of Howrah.Mukherjee, SohiniMehta, Dinesh
2016Why agglomeration is still relevant in the case of global cities.Biniwala, Jaydip PradipMehta, Dinesh