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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2007Role of municipal financial intermediaries in urban infrastructure financing - exploring their potential and relevance in India.Radhakrishnan, NamrathaIyer, Mona; Mehta, Meera
1990Rural housing : planning and needs assessment.Murthy, J. V. R.Mehta, Meera
1980Rural housing : Valod taluka.Parekh, Bharat D.Mehta, Meera; Shah, Kirta
1986Small scale activities, a dynamic perspective : case study of Chippa ,Garment and Machinery manufacturing activity in Ahmedabad.Acharya, Shrawan KumarMehta, Meera
1990Study of development of roads in urban periphery : case study of Western Ahmedabad.Joshi, R. B.Mehta, Meera
1989Study of nature of spaces in slum settlements.Hariyani, Jayesh N.Mehta, Meera; Shah, Rajesh I.
2017Study of relationship between municipal budget allocation and sanitation service delivery in Mumbai.Nautiyal, Anuj H.Bhavsar, Dhruv; Mehta, Meera
1987Systems approach to project planning : a case for low income shelter projects.Rupani, Bakulesh HarilalMehta, Meera
1984Tibetan refugee settlement in Orissa : an assessment in planning perspectives.Tsamdha, Tsering TopgyalMehta, Meera
2016To understand the factors that influence cost recovery of urban water supply for Gujarat state.Vaidya, PaniniMehta, Meera; Vavaliya, Jaladhi
1989Towards a framework for local housing strategies : a case of Bhavnagar.Vyas, Dhimant B.Mehta, Meera
1985Town planning scheme : its potential for new urbanisation.Pandya, Nilesh M.Mehta, Meera
1981Traditional urban indian neighbourhoods : a case study of 'Pols' in Ahmedabad.Singh, Ravindra G.Doshi, Balkrishna V.; Mehta, Meera
1984Urban community development project, Hyderabad : changing perspectives in policy, participation and effectiveness.Kishore, SomaMehta, Meera
1980Urban housing : objective realities for the poor.Mehta, BarjorMehta, Meera
2017Urban lake development issues and possibilities : a case of Surat city.Tiwari, AkanshaBhavsar, Dhruv; Mehta, Meera
1987Urban modelling as an aid in decision making : a case of housing.Anand, P. B.Mehta, Meera
1989Urban poor and home upgradation : case of Hyderabad slums.Ande, Jagadishkumar V.Mehta, Meera
2016Urban wastewater reuse governing paradigms and enabling environment : a case study of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.Iyer, MonaMehta, Meera
1993Urban water supply : an exploratory study on water supply systems in Madras.Panch, JairamMehta, Meera; Pangotra, Prem P.