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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2015Effect of transit corridor on non motorized transport users.Sarath, KTMunshi, Talat
2014Exploring built environment interventions for sustainable urban transportation : case of Lucknow city.AnnieMunshi, Talat
2009Exploring the relationship between urban road layout, urban form and economic activities using space syntax - a case of Ahmedabad city.Majumdar, ArindamMunshi, Talat; Zuidgeest, Mark
2013Find accessibility issues related to urban transport system.Parmar, BhaumikMunshi, Talat
2008Foreign direct investment in tourism services.Gyanchandani, NamitaMorris, Sebastian; Munshi, Talat
2016Identifying potential commuters of BRT in Ahmedabad.Gajjar, Shaival GirishbhaiMunshi, Talat
2012Impact of built form on mode choice and vehicle kilometers travelled - locations of Ahmedabad.Shah, KalgiMunshi, Talat
2008Impact of infrastructure on agriculture development in Gujarat.Patel, NiravMunshi, Talat
2016Impacts of land uses and land values due to bus rapid transportation service : a case study of Surat.Gajjar, AkhilMunshi, Talat
2008Improving performance of port hinterland connectivity.Nath, SouvikMunshi, Talat
2016Influence of household living arrangement on elderly's out of home mobility : a case study of Kochi.Sankar, K MidhunMunshi, Talat
2012Integrated ticketing system : a case of AMTS and BRTS.Vavaiya, KevilMunshi, Talat
2010Intelligent traffic signal control system : a case of Ahmedabad.Amrutiya, Bhavin RameshMunshi, Talat
2010Intermediate public transport and possibilities of integration with other public transport modes .Solanki, PoojaMunshi, Talat
2013Issues and challenges for public bicycle sharing scheme in India.Sushant, SudhirMunshi, Talat
2001Landuse and accessibility : a case study of Chandigarh.Sarwal, RaveenaMunshi, Talat
2015Last mile connectivity for enhancing accessibility of rapid transit : a case of Ahmedabad BRTS.Nair, NandanaMunshi, Talat
2013Measures and mitigation of trasport related air pollution.Dave, YashMunshi, Talat
2012Mobility needs in time and space of urban poor in Ahmedabad.Sharma, RaviMunshi, Talat
2009Modal shift and CDM as an alternative source of revenue for the proposed BRTS.Bansal, RuchitaMunshi, Talat