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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2013Parent's perception of safety and travel behavior of school children's : a case of Rajkot city.Vora, AnkitMunshi, Talat
2010Parking along transit corridor : a case of Kolkata MRT.Ganguly, SukantaMunshi, Talat
2015Parking as a demand management tool to discourage use of private vehicles.Laddha, SandhyaMunshi, Talat
2010Pedestrianization in the city centre : a case of Agra.Sharma, LovleshMunshi, Talat
2012Performance evalution of public bus system : a case of Kolkata city.Mitra, IpsitaMunshi, Talat
2012Personal rapid transit system as a mode of transportation for the city of Gurgaon.Bhagat, AnushreeMunshi, Talat
2010Planning for integrated multimodal transit : case of Calcutta metro railway.Mohanty, AnumitaMunshi, Talat
2009Planning for social infrastructure through accessibility for the city of Surat.Diwan, AdnanMunshi, Talat
2013Planning nodes in regional level transit oriented corridors : the case of Kerala high speed rail corridor.Joy, Kenny P.Munshi, Talat
2011Polycentricity in middle sized Indian cities and its relation with transportation : case of Kanpur.Nigam, GarimaMunshi, Talat
2015Potential of E-rickshaws in Delhi city.Pandey, SaurabhMunshi, Talat
2010Pricing of urban transport : to address the operating deficits of the urban bus transport in India.Prasanth, Vardhan P.Munshi, Talat
2009Proposed airport metro express link and its impact on accessibility levels to the Delhi airport.Dewan, AanchalMunshi, Talat
2012Public transport and equity - a case of Kolkata metro railway.Ghosh, AninditaMunshi, Talat
2000Redefining the roles : strategic plan for the privatisation of public bus transport in Thiruvananthapuram city.Deepti, Vijayan B.Munshi, Talat
2014Review of master planning process from perspective of recreational and public-semi public infrastructure provision - case of Delhi urban area.Haque, Zia UlMunshi, Talat
2015Road space reallocation to promote non-motorized transport in Rajkot.Vaddadi, BhavanaMunshi, Talat
2010Role of intelligent transport system in bus terminal management : case study of Gitamandir bus terminal.Poriya, RaviMunshi, Talat
2015Segmenting preferences of users and non-users public transport Ahmedabad.Sharma, KritikMunshi, Talat
2010To evaluate the suitability of the bicycle on streets : a case of Lucknow city.Siddiqui, Shadab AhmedMunshi, Talat