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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
-Integration of water : vegetation in traditional Islamic interiors.Shah, RiddhiPandya, Yatin
2014Integration of water and vegetation in contemporary residences for spatial attributes.Nagecha, AkrutiPandya, Yatin
2018Integration of water in space making : understanding spatial role in residences of Ahmedabad.Modia, AvaniPandya, Yatin
2008Interating urban and eco-system in coimbatore city.Kumar, K. ArunPandya, Yatin
2018Interpretation and translation of traditional Hindu temple concepts in contemporary temple design .Malviya, AnkitaPandya, Yatin
2016Interpretation of therapeutic spaces in architecture and approaches in design of a holistic wellness retreat @ Irukkam Island.Thirunavukkarasu, NivedithaPandya, Yatin
-Interpreting sustainable architecture : a comparative study of diverse approaches and attitudes.Sindhav, MittulPandya, Yatin
2007Introduction to de stijil ideology and its architectural representation : in consideration of universality with the social utopian philosophical approach to aesthetics.Christy, AbhilashPandya, Yatin
2016Jaali : study of jalli as spatial element : cultural environmental and spatial aspects - case of Amber fort.Gajjar, Girisha G.Pandya, Yatin
2013Kinesthetic an approach to space organization case study : Hemkutha hill group, Hampi - capital city of Vijayonagara.Agrawal, JuhiPandya, Yatin
2004Kitchen : a networked system : study of contemporary Indian kitchens.Shah, AmalPandya, Yatin
2009Learning outside the classroom : an enquiry into child's behavioral psychology to learning environments of schools.Vyas, Maulik VijaykumarPandya, Yatin
2000Manifestations of a culture in the living environment : an inquiry into the interior living environments of the Vohra Community in Gujarat.Moothan, Raajesh C.Pandya, Yatin
2002Market place as a civic node : a study of market places in Patan, Jaipur.Mistry, HetalPandya, Yatin
2019Montage in architecture : a creative and critical perception of space in learning environments.Fernandes, Donovan VianneyPandya, Yatin
2016Morphology of market places : a case of Ahmedabad.Shah, Zeel PareshkumarPandya, Yatin
2003Mosque today : a study of contemporary influences on the mosque as an expression of faithBalwani, ShefaliPandya, Yatin
2006Multiplexes as civic nodes : understanding its assemblage and user responses in context of Ahmedabad .Shah, Parin S.Pandya, Yatin
2004Museum spaces : creating environment for display and communication.Lopamudra, SoniPandya, Yatin
2004Natural elements and the builtform.Coutinho, Tina SimonPandya, Yatin