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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2016Understand the rationale of the built form dictates of vaastu shahsra : as climate friendly guidelines for Ahmedabad architectural responses.Bajoria, VinniPandya, Yatin
2016Understanding attributes of market places as a civic role in walled city of Bhuj KutchHalai, DhirenPandya, Yatin
2017Understanding natural light and space relationship in contemporary architectureVyas, JuhiPandya, Yatin
2003Understanding patterns of organisation in rural settlement - a case study Dunawada, PatanPatel, YogeshPandya, Yatin
2014Understanding the influence of construction material and techniques on built spaces case study of contemporary earthen architecture on Kutch.Panchal, SnehaPandya, Yatin
2011Understanding the notion of flexibility in the context of mass housing for interior living environments.Adenwala, Koral S.Pandya, Yatin
2017Understanding the Phenomenon of movement in architectural space perception.Kalolia, Hitisha PareshPandya, Yatin
2016Unearthing culture,histories and identity rejuvenation of a heritage and eco-sensitive site case : Pattanam , Kerala.Rao, T. Shruti P.Pandya, Yatin
2008Urban expansion over dependable agriculture land : case : Nagercoil town, Kanyakumari district.Ananth, P. BennetPandya, Yatin
2009Urban extension case : Docklands, Melbourne.Wilson, Swapna AnnPandya, Yatin
2010Urban landscape as infrastructure and economic resouce case : revitalization of Sola precinct, Guwahati.Neog, LopamudraPandya, Yatin
2015Urban village, the city and the airport: context sensitive catalytic developmen : a case of Dhakta Khanda, Panvel, Navi Mumbai.Tahiliani, AshwinPandya, Yatin
2001Use of geometry as an organizational tool : case study of a house and three institutional projects done by Peter Eisenman.Mehta, EktaPandya, Yatin
2007User adeptation and personalization of interior living environments - case study : Vadodara.Thakkar, AditiPandya, Yatin
-Wall as a spatial tool in creating interior living environment.Patel, MeghaPandya, Yatin
2004Water as a spatial element .Gurjar, HardikPandya, Yatin