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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2020Energy efficiency in municipal services: assessment of building level energy consumption in water servicesPatel, Palak SureshkumarIyer, Mona; Rawal, Rajan
2009Environmental benefits of landscape in interiors : a study of plants in interiors with reference to energy efficiency.Dharkar, ShivaniRawal, Rajan
2021Evaluating the energy-saving potential through occupant interaction with external fenestration in residential buildingsSantiago, Amanda CassianaRawal, Rajan
2010Evaluating themal comfort of occupants in conditioned office spaces : case of office building in national capital region of India.Singla, SmritiNarayan, Shruti; Rawal, Rajan
2019Evaluation and analysis of indirect-direct evaporative cooler in hot-dry climate.Desai, ShoumikRawal, Rajan
2006Exploring the realm of energy and comfort in interiors : 'experiments' to understand thermal effects of furniture on interior environments.Manu, SanyogitaRawal, Rajan
2016Field study on occupant thermal comfort in air - conditioned offices : Mumbai.Alex, CynthiaRawal, Rajan
2022Greenhouse gas emissions framework of the cities in IndiaPriyanka K RamanRawal, Rajan
2011Impact of building shape and orientation on energy demand for HVAC and lighting.Basu, ArpitaRawal, Rajan
2017Impact of material properties and orientation on building energy consumption.Charan, TanushreeRawal, Rajan; Shah, Dipsha
2023Impact of naturally ventilated residential dwelling units on heat stressGhosal, SreeparnaRawal, Rajan
2012Impact of presence of courtyard on thermal characteristics of vernacular residential building : an exploration in hot-dry vernacular context of Ahmedabad.Vakharia, Mihir N.Rawal, Rajan
2020Impact of room ac outdoor unit placement configuration on energy efficiencyPatel, Krishna R. (PG180448)Rawal, Rajan
2017Impact of surface modulation on solar heat gain : a numerical method to evaluate performance of brickwork.Gargi, PriyamwadaDamle, Rashmin; Rawal, Rajan
2012Inquiry in to the role of semi-open spaces, their immediate envelope and its influence on indoor environment : study of vernacular houses of Vadodara.Parikh, Radhika S.Rawal, Rajan
2009Inquiry into adaptive thermal comfort : mapping the occupants' perceived thermal comfort in five institutions of Ahmedabad.Sher, Rohin C.Rawal, Rajan
2011Integration of solar photovoltaics : to suffice the interior lighting energy consumption: an approach towards zero lighting energy consumption: a case of office buildings in Ahmedabad.Charnalia, AshimaMathur, Jyotirmay; Rawal, Rajan
2023Investigating the relation between indoor environmental conditions and cooling loads Based on physiological impacts and thermal comfort requirements.Shah, TarjaniRawal, Rajan
2014Investigation of windows in residences of India.Pandit, SurbhiRawal, Rajan
2013Mapping of energy consumption of residential buildings in New Delhi.Jain, AakritiRawal, Rajan