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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2020Analysing architecture through the lens of architectural intentions : a case of Lilavati Lalbhai LibraryGandevikar, KathanSankalpa
2011Artisan and the craft : exploring the relationship between artisan of Kosi region and material in the process of building.Patel, Tejas R.Sankalpa
2021Bamboo Fastening System : For assembly based temporary structuresThukral,Bharat RajSankalpa
2022Compact assembly system for temporary structures in bambooPudukode,AhmedSankalpa
2016Continuity and change old and new house form case study : Jiragadh.Vegad, Roshan N.Sankalpa
2018Designing for urban flood resilience, case of Adyar, Chennai.Chandran, Satish S.Sankalpa
2016Detailing in paper tube architecture - a study of projects by Shigeru Ban.Hirpara, SapanSankalpa
2019Detailing of tensile forms using split bamboo for its structural application in architecture.Setia, AbhimanyuSankalpa
2016Details as semiotic tools for critical reading of architectural narrations illustrated through the works of prof Neelkanth Chhaya.Singhvi, Rini KantilalSankalpa
2022Energy Dynamics in Design;an inquiry on embodied energy through architectural detailingJayanti,AbhinavSankalpa
2018Exploration of detailing in bamboo slats.Makwana, KaranSankalpa
2018Exploration of detailing with split bamboo for tensile architecture.Mehta, YashSankalpa
2020Exploration of split bamboo as structural material in tensile formsBagul, PratikSankalpa
2018Flood resilient architecture : a case of coastal Chennai.Anusha, H.Sankalpa
2018Impact of fenestration systems on the architectural expression in the works of Matharoo Associates.Palkhiwala, Parshva H.Sankalpa
2013Inclusive urbanism - re-scaling the urban form and humanizing spaces of the city, Gurgaon.Sulkhan, PriyankaSankalpa
2014Influence of new material and construction technique : case study of vernacular house forms of Dadra and Nagar HaveliMistry, Nilkumar MaheshbhaiSankalpa
2017Material and considerations : understanding the role of physical characteristics of bamboo in building techniquesArora, DeepakSankalpa
2017Play methodologies.Torres, Sebastian TrujilloBharat, Gauri; Sankalpa
2017Precast construction industry : issues and pertinence in the Indian context.Kantharia, SiddharthSankalpa