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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2019Impact of variation in plan configuration on structural behaviour of reinforced concrete building .Patel, Dhruv S.Shah, Anal N.; Shah, Aanal
2019Implication of cracked moment of inertia on design of reinforced concrete structure in zone - III.Shah, MeetShah, Aanal; Patel, Shashin
2010Parametric study of the high-rise building systems.Pramod Kumar B.Shah, Aanal; Shah, Rakesh H.
2017Performance evaluation of fabric formwork.Shah, AnandShah, Aanal; Shah, Paresh
2019Retrofitting of RCC buildings using steel bracings after revised earthquake and wind codes .Bhatia, Mustafa BurhanShah, Aanal
2013Strength and durability study of concrete using class B mineral admixture as replacement of cement concrete for M20 and M30 grade of concrete.Dalal, Harshal P.; Mehta, Parth KetanRaijiwala, D.B.; Shah, Aanal
2019Structural assessment, repair and strengthening techniques of masonary heritage structures - an approach through case studies .Agrawal, DrishtiShah, Aanal
-Study of durability parameters of geopolymer concrete made using mixture of flyash and GGBFS, as source material.Panchal, UrmiShah, Aanal
2011Study of geopolymers as a cement replacing materials in concrete .Butani, Vasant V.; Parmar, Khelan B.Shah, Aanal
2019Study of reinforcement on ductility demand as per IS 1786 : 2008 and IS 13920 : 2016 .Girish, Niriksha H.Shah, Mehul; Shah, Aanal
2020Study of seismic performance of Koti Banal, Newari and Taq constructionsRai, ShaliniShah, Aanal
2019Study of seismic resistance of Three different forms of vernacular structures found in areas of high seismicity in India.Vaghela, SatishPatel, Bhairav; Shah, Aanal
-Study of strength parameters and durability of fly ash based geopolymer concrete.Parikh, Zankar; Patel, TarangShah, Aanal
-Study of strength parameters and durability of slag based geopolymer concrete.Motivaras, Priyank P.; Nakum, Vipul R.Shah, Aanal
2012Study on influence of slag content on durability of geopolymer concrete and mortar.Bokil, Apurv S.; Nagrani, Mohak N.Shah, Aanal
2012Study on influence of slag content on mechanical properties of geopolymer concrete.Jamani, Mohammed Abbas; Khunt, PankajShah, Aanal
2012Study on the performance of bacillus pastuerii on the concrete cracks.Parmar, Abhijitsinh; Patel, ParinRaijiwala, D.B.; Shah, Aanal
2013Study on the performance of bacillus sphaericus on the concrete cracks using different crack filling material.Patel, Harsh V.; Patel, Harshad S.Raijiwala, D.B.; Shah, Aanal
2018Utilization of stone dust in concrete by replacing sand.Parmar, KeyurShah, Aanal
2018Utilization of stone dust in concrete by replacing sand.Shah, ManthanShah, Aanal