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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2017Stone architecture : a search for modern use of the material.Patel, BharatShankar, Pratyush
2010Study of colonial domestic architecture of M. S. University campus, Vadodara.Bhasker, MeghaShankar, Pratyush
-Study of contemporary earth architecture in India : utilization of earth as construction material in contemporary scenario.Patel, Ipsit M.Shankar, Pratyush
2015Study of Jain house form in an urban fabric - Khambhat.Gajjar, SapanShankar, Pratyush
2004Study of temple town and its public realm : Dakor .Parmar, KrushnakantShankar, Pratyush
2014Study of transformation in the relationship between built environment and natural systems : a case study of the hill town of Nainital.Sah, SumedhaShankar, Pratyush
2013Three institutions of Bhavnagar : study of new forms of institutions in late 19th century of Bhavnagar.Pitroda, Satyam RamkrishnaShankar, Pratyush
2011Transformation of urban villages : case of Vastrapur village.Contractor, Janki D.Shankar, Pratyush
2014Transformed publics : transformation of public spaces due to digital communication.Shah, KhushbooShankar, Pratyush
2019Transition of a market- space in an urban context : a case of Lajpat nagar.Ahmed, ShariqueShankar, Pratyush
2019Understanding persistence of urban artifacts.Shah, VarunShankar, Pratyush
2005Understanding the architecture of Buddhist monastery at Likir, Ladakh .Memon, AnarShankar, Pratyush
2008Understanding the morphology of LEH town .Jadav, RashmitaShankar, Pratyush
2014Understanding the tectonic transformation of tibetosikkimese monastery in its present form.Gajjar, Prijesh YogeshbhaiShankar, Pratyush
2016Urban design strategies and proposala for the existing hill town of McLeodganj.Bhardwaj, HarshodayaShankar, Pratyush