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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2007Madrasa, an islamic learning institution : a study of expression of Madrasas built in Ahmedabad.Limbachiya, Dhaval V.Shankar, Pratyush
2018Making of an architect - Leo Pariera : manifestation of historical antecedents and precedents in ideaological and architectural principles. .Thakar, BageshriShankar, Pratyush
2014Mountains and temples : a study of architectural evolution of hindu temples in Kangra .Sharma, KaranShankar, Pratyush
2012Narratives of identity : an approach towards creating the notion of place in an urbanizing hill town, case of Nabha; Shimla.Verma, VanitaShankar, Pratyush
2019Negotiating urbanism in a princely city : the institutionalisation of public spaces and its impact on urban form in princely gwalior 1870-1940.Quraishi, SamanShankar, Pratyush
2016Perception study of urban transformation, Shimla.Pant, ApoorvaShankar, Pratyush
2014Re establishing the significance of a sacred river case : Trimbakeshwar.Kulkarni, Aniket PramodShankar, Pratyush
2014Reconstructing significance of place case : king Edward memorial road precinct, Bikaner.Rathore, NeelakshiShankar, Pratyush
2004Redefining the role of the city : case study Gandhinagar.Dave, Sangita A.Adhvaryu, Bhargav; Shankar, Pratyush
2014Rejuvenation of parikrama marg of a holy town : a study of relationship between spatial elements and spiritual experience, case of Vrindavan town.Bajaj, HinaShankar, Pratyush
2011Sacred geography and spatial structure of Maheshwar.Lal, Sinali RatanShankar, Pratyush
-Sense of making a home : a study of villages in Bolpur of West Bengal.Dey, Pradipta PrabirShankar, Pratyush
2011Settlement and housing pattern of village: Tintoi.Soni, PratikShankar, Pratyush
2011Settlement pattern and house form : case study of Modasa dist Sabarkanth, Gujarat.Panchal, SunilkumarShankar, Pratyush
2012Spaces for sound an acoustical analysis.Shukla, Buland JahnuShankar, Pratyush
2017Stone architecture : a search for modern use of the material.Patel, BharatShankar, Pratyush
2010Study of colonial domestic architecture of M. S. University campus, Vadodara.Bhasker, MeghaShankar, Pratyush
-Study of contemporary earth architecture in India : utilization of earth as construction material in contemporary scenario.Patel, Ipsit M.Shankar, Pratyush
2015Study of Jain house form in an urban fabric - Khambhat.Gajjar, SapanShankar, Pratyush
2004Study of temple town and its public realm : Dakor .Parmar, KrushnakantShankar, Pratyush