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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2002Design for community service institutions : an inquiry into the need and relevance of design for destitute homes, orphanages and old age homes.Narayanan, PriyaShastri, Krishna
-Development of retail cloth shops - focus Ahmedabad.Patel, ShirishShastri, Krishna
2001Emerging aesthetic of popular consumerism : a diploma thesis on pop culture and the economics of design.Parker, SamirShastri, Krishna
1990Evolution of theatre forms in India : a brief summary of theatre forms existing in India from ancient to contemporary time.Desai, AnjaliShastri, Krishna
2000Exhibition design : from starting out to beyond the stands : the planning of the total experiencein trade fairs.Singh, Meenu KunwarShastri, Krishna
2015Heritage crafts and their revitalization through the process of conservation : a case of traditional residences in the walled city of Ahmedabad.Mathur, ManushiShastri, Krishna
2009Idioms of furniture in the cross - cultural manner 1700 A D - 1900 A D : a study of characterization through its form and ornamentation.Aggarwal, NikhilShastri, Krishna
2014Insight into the crafts of making swings in Gujarat.Kandhari, KritiShastri, Krishna
1992Integration of landscape in architecture : a study of Rajput Palaces.Dave, SonalShastri, Krishna
2008Relevance and manifestation of courtyards in Indian built forms.Manavar, ShitalShastri, Krishna
2012Space making crafts in interior architecture : study of cast iron in the buildings of Bombay presidency .Maharaj, PadmashriShastri, Krishna
2011Spatial narratives wall murals as a space making element in goan interiors.Rodrigues, KarenShastri, Krishna
2001Stating a design thinking : an insight into the work of Charles and Ray Eames.Jani, VidhyutShastri, Krishna
2008Stimuli affecting human responses to interior spaces.Kapashi, CharmieJoshi, Subhash; Shastri, Krishna
2009Study of traditional Jain dwellings in Patan.Mathur, ManushiShastri, Krishna
2012Study of wood carving cluster in Ahmedabad.Burle, VrushaliShastri, Krishna
2011Syncretic nature of portuguese churches : a study of 15th to 17th century churches in the region of Chaul and Bassein in India.Raval, JagrutShastri, Krishna
2003Towards meaning lessness : a critical study of modernist paradigmatic notions through science.Engineer, AvinashShastri, Krishna
2012Traditional houses of east Indian catholics of Bandra : a study of various influences.Mehta, KrupaGonsalves, Conrad; Shastri, Krishna
2005Transience and the flexible habitat : an enquiry into systems, transient times and the flexible habitat antitype.Bose, AnjalikaShastri, Krishna