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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2015Heritage crafts and their revitalization through the process of conservation : a case of traditional residences in the walled city of Ahmedabad.Mathur, ManushiShastri, Krishna
2009Idioms of furniture in the cross - cultural manner 1700 A D - 1900 A D : a study of characterization through its form and ornamentation.Aggarwal, NikhilShastri, Krishna
2014Insight into the crafts of making swings in Gujarat.Kandhari, KritiShastri, Krishna
1992Integration of landscape in architecture : a study of Rajput Palaces.Dave, SonalShastri, Krishna
2008Relevance and manifestation of courtyards in Indian built forms.Manavar, ShitalShastri, Krishna
2012Space making crafts in interior architecture : study of cast iron in the buildings of Bombay presidency .Maharaj, PadmashriShastri, Krishna
2011Spatial narratives wall murals as a space making element in goan interiors.Rodrigues, KarenShastri, Krishna
2001Stating a design thinking : an insight into the work of Charles and Ray Eames.Jani, VidhyutShastri, Krishna
2008Stimuli affecting human responses to interior spaces.Kapashi, CharmieJoshi, Subhash; Shastri, Krishna
2009Study of traditional Jain dwellings in Patan.Mathur, ManushiShastri, Krishna
2012Study of wood carving cluster in Ahmedabad.Burle, VrushaliShastri, Krishna
2011Syncretic nature of portuguese churches : a study of 15th to 17th century churches in the region of Chaul and Bassein in India.Raval, JagrutShastri, Krishna
2003Towards meaning lessness : a critical study of modernist paradigmatic notions through science.Engineer, AvinashShastri, Krishna
2012Traditional houses of east Indian catholics of Bandra : a study of various influences.Mehta, KrupaGonsalves, Conrad; Shastri, Krishna
2005Transience and the flexible habitat : an enquiry into systems, transient times and the flexible habitat antitype.Bose, AnjalikaShastri, Krishna
2009Understanding of a philosophy and its implications on its digrammatic representation , to trace the parallels between the diagram and the built space .Kothari, DevinaShastri, Krishna
1991Understanding of functional, material and visual aspects of an architectural totality.Joshi, ManojShastri, Krishna
2000Wood carving of traditional houses of Gujarat : focus on ornamentation.Thakkar, JayShastri, Krishna