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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2015Geological influence on stone craft and building.Ghonge, GunjanTayyibji, Riyaz
2011Ground and built form : the case of Jodhpur.Shah, Nikita M.Tayyibji, Riyaz
2010Historical study of haveli architecture in Nadiad.Nayak, Amit V.Tayyibji, Riyaz
2007Interdependence between man and environment in making the region of Bangalore.Karjatkar, AshwinTayyibji, Riyaz
2011Junagadh nawabi mausoleums: a holistic study of interior architecture circa 1700 A.D.- 1900 A.D.Agrawal, SmitaTayyibji, Riyaz
2017Learning environment furniture as learning aid.Bhojwani, Kirti RajkumarTayyibji, Riyaz
2012Migration : towards an inclusive development : case of Dhargalim, Goa.Ribeiro, Sarita M.Tayyibji, Riyaz
2015Modularity in architecture : understanding the order of space making in old and new IIM-A campus.Patel, Komalben RanchodbhaiTayyibji, Riyaz
2013Professional practice : study of the relationship between the internal organisation of a firm and the nature of its work.Shah, Sahil HemanTayyibji, Riyaz
2011Rathwa community dwellings : determinants of the house form.Shah, TanviTayyibji, Riyaz
2012Re-thinking the recent development trends and policies in case of Bhendi Bazaar, Mumbai.Rangwala, Husain Y.Tayyibji, Riyaz
2012Restructuring of public places, case of Dadar, Mumbai.Kumbhar, Apurwa N.Tayyibji, Riyaz
2013Restructuring the public realm of mass transit.Suri, AkhilaTayyibji, Riyaz
2011Sense of order in Mughal palace complexes : study of Diwan-e-Aam and Diwan-e-Khas of Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri palace complex and Delhi Red Fort.Shah, SiddhiTayyibji, Riyaz
2009Settlement study within the inner and outer walled city of Surat : a mapping of the residential fabric during the medieval and colonial phases of development.Kinariwala, Denish Y.Tayyibji, Riyaz
2014Strengthening the East to West connectivity of Mumbai city case : ward P/south, Goregaon.Jagtap, Pranita SanjivTayyibji, Riyaz
2015Structure and envelope in Islamic architecture : a case of Sarkhej roza.Lunagariya, Rima M.Tayyibji, Riyaz
2012Study of Zoroastarian Irani cafes and bakeries of Mumbai .Shah, DharaTayyibji, Riyaz
2015Study the spatial configuration of contemporary architecture, the quality character and the architectural design approches in the work of prof Neelkanth Chhaya.Makwana, Renuka R.Tayyibji, Riyaz
2013Sustaining the character of a small coastal town case : Malvan, Maharashtra.Poyarekar, Swarada D.Tayyibji, Riyaz