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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1977Study of change, its comprehension and the evidence of change in the dwelling forms.Shah, Parul B.Varkey, Kurula
1996Study of metaphoric expressions in architecture.Shah, FalguniVarkey, Kurula
1976Study of organisation of pattern of the tribal settlement and shelters : DANGS : with a view to evolving attitudes towards revitalising the community.Desai, Anuradha N.Varkey, Kurula
1995Study of scale and proportions and use of 'The modulor' in the works of Le Corbusier.Dhabuwala, JigneshVarkey, Kurula
1990Study of the determinants of a building : case evaluation : Deogarh fort palace, Rajasthan.Dasgupta, ShoummoVarkey, Kurula
1977Study of the wall and the column : seen as elements of spatial defination in the context of culture and change.Jayawant, VandanaVarkey, Kurula
2000Sustainable development of a city : Bangalore : an urban design approach.Prasanna, R.Varkey, Kurula
1994Syrian Christian Church complex in Kerala : a study in the synthesis of Hindu, Syrian and Portuguese elements and features to constitute the built church complex.Venperampil, Iype C.Varkey, Kurula
1996Tadao Ando : an understanding as a critical regionalist.Shukla, RamanVarkey, Kurula
1995Tradition and reinterpretation : examining the works of Hassan Fathy.Sinha,TithiVarkey, Kurula
1976Traditional dwellings in Southern India : a case study of Tiruchirapalli.Nagendra, H. V.Varkey, Kurula
1990Understanding of the city : a human construct, as a process in time.Balsavar, DurganandVarkey, Kurula
1990Understanding the nature of a city Delhi : a comparative reading with respect to time and scale.Narain, RajivVarkey, Kurula
1991Urban conservation : walled city, Surat.Saeed, Zaki J.Varkey, Kurula
1993Urban form and space in the Islamic city : a study of morphology and formal structures in the city of Bhopal, Central India.Sobti, Manu P.Varkey, Kurula
1992Urban insertion : historic core : Hyderabad.Ganesh, Mulukala VinodVarkey, Kurula
1974Urban landmarks : a study of their role in urban organisations .Mehta, Rajkamal H.Varkey, Kurula
1989Urban morphology and the concept of Type : a thematic and comparative study of the urban tissue.Nanda, VivekVarkey, Kurula
2002Urban place making in India : a study through theme and variations across scalesWagh, Ranjit A.Chhaya, Neelkanth H.; Varkey, Kurula
1993Urban public spaces : traditional to contemporary.Haideri, Abbas I.Pangotra, Prem P.; Varkey, Kurula