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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1996Tadao Ando : an understanding as a critical regionalist.Shukla, RamanVarkey, Kurula
1995Tradition and reinterpretation : examining the works of Hassan Fathy.Sinha,TithiVarkey, Kurula
1976Traditional dwellings in Southern India : a case study of Tiruchirapalli.Nagendra, H. V.Varkey, Kurula
1990Understanding of the city : a human construct, as a process in time.Balsavar, DurganandVarkey, Kurula
1990Understanding the nature of a city Delhi : a comparative reading with respect to time and scale.Narain, RajivVarkey, Kurula
1991Urban conservation : walled city, Surat.Saeed, Zaki J.Varkey, Kurula
1993Urban form and space in the Islamic city : a study of morphology and formal structures in the city of Bhopal, Central India.Sobti, Manu P.Varkey, Kurula
1992Urban insertion : historic core : Hyderabad.Ganesh, Mulukala VinodVarkey, Kurula
1974Urban landmarks : a study of their role in urban organisations .Mehta, Rajkamal H.Varkey, Kurula
1989Urban morphology and the concept of Type : a thematic and comparative study of the urban tissue.Nanda, VivekVarkey, Kurula
2002Urban place making in India : a study through theme and variations across scalesWagh, Ranjit A.Chhaya, Neelkanth H.; Varkey, Kurula
1993Urban public spaces : traditional to contemporary.Haideri, Abbas I.Pangotra, Prem P.; Varkey, Kurula
1998Vernacular architecture : a study of concerned aspects and its reflections in contemporary Indian architecture.Ghosh, ArnabVarkey, Kurula
1998Wall as a metaphor in urban form.Goenka, TanujVarkey, Kurula