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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1996City within the city, distinctions of urban form in the colonial city of Calcutta.Choudhury, AmitabhaVarkey, Kurula
-Colour in Architecture.Fadia, UjjvalVarkey, Kurula
1973Comparative analysis of the guiding principles in the works of Andrea Palladio and James Stirling.Shodhan, Manisha C.Varkey, Kurula
1989Conceptual study of making of a Mausoleum : a representation of sufi philosophy in Indo Islamic architecture.Bharadwaj, Bhaskar S.Varkey, Kurula
1992Constants and particulars of Islamic Mausoleum : a comparative study of Indo Islamic Mausoleums.Alvi, Fahim Reza V.Varkey, Kurula
1989Correlation between forces and resultants in traditional and contemporary houseform : issues of social relevance.Mandrekar, Deepa S.Varkey, Kurula
1976Dwelling clusters in South India : a case study of Tiruchirapalli.Patel, Gautam A.Varkey, Kurula
1988Enclosed urban open spaces according to the classical principles : a study of their visual aspect during the Italian renaissance.Singh, DalipVarkey, Kurula
1977Evaluation of the grid as organizational principles in architecture.Dudhaiya, VinayVarkey, Kurula
1996Generic order : an insight into architecture, study of : a temple place at Shatrunjaya-hill, Palitana : a house source.Bhagat, JaydeepVarkey, Kurula
1994Idea of a city : understanding the morphology and character of George Town, Madras.Ragade, LenaVarkey, Kurula
2001In human landscapes : a study of the fundamental aspects of space-making in the historic and the new city of Ahmedabad.Vadodaria, KeyurVarkey, Kurula
1999Inquiry into modernism and the notion of place : between dichotomy and differences.Shah, ArpanVarkey, Kurula
1993Interface : a case for renewal, Bidar.Pulipaka, VenugopalVarkey, Kurula
1993Interface Delhi.Bakshi, MonishaVarkey, Kurula
1989Investigations in to architectural design : conceptions and processes.Brahmbhatt, VirenVarkey, Kurula
1994Landform influencing the morphology of the settlement : Amber.Mukharjee, DipankarVarkey, Kurula
2001Making of place : innate response to man and environment : Badami.Choudapurkar, PallaviVarkey, Kurula
1992Manifestation of a Saivite Temple : Tiruvanamalai.Vijayram, C.Varkey, Kurula
1996Mohalla : a study of traditional Islamic neighbourhood, cases from Patan and Ahmedabad, the medieval cities of western India.Shaikh, Ashfaq M.Varkey, Kurula