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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2017Influence of pavement on urban heat : a case of Ahmedabad city.Gopikrishnan P.Vyas, Anjana
2011Institutional arrangement - a parameter for water supply management : a case of Pune Municipal Corporation.Adarshe, Rajlaxmi KishorVyas, Anjana
2013Integrated tourism development : a case of Nagpur region.Wankhade, Ajay ShriramVyas, Anjana
1998Integrated watershed development plan, talla pally micro-watershed.Krishna, S. RamaVyas, Anjana
2011Integration of GIS and GPS technologies in intelligent transport management system.Bhati, Sarwan SinghSrivasthva, Prateek; Vyas, Anjana
2010Inter-state region - planning and governance : a case of national capital region.Bansal, VanyaVyas, Anjana
1998Intergrated spatial information system for disaster management of chemical estate.Varghese, K. JacobPathan, S. K.; Vyas, Anjana
2011Internal resource mobilisation : a tool for strengthening ULBs.Chodvadia, Kaushikkumar DevrajbhaiVyas, Anjana
2017Investigations on methane emission from rice ecosystems using remote sensing, modeling and ground observations.Manjunath, K. R.Vyas, Anjana
1991Irrigation management in the command area : case study : Dantiwada command area.Pandya, AsutoshVyas, Anjana
2007Land dynamics in urban fringe villages - with specific reference to non agricultural conversions.Jacob, Samuel TonyVyas, Anjana
2017Land price mechanism in peri urban area : a case of Ahmedabad City.Patel, Hetul B.Vyas, Anjana
2016Land readjustment technique using geographical information system .Joshi, KhooshiVyas, Anjana
2010Land use along the transit corridor : case of Kochi.Nair, Jayasree S.Vyas, Anjana
2012Land use land cover change modeling using regression analysis.Joshi, YasheeJha, Ashutosh Kumar; Vyas, Anjana
2019Land use planning in homeland security for cities : case study in Ahmedabad city.Singh, AayushVyas, Anjana
2011Landslide hazard zonation mapping : a case of Tawang district.Sharma, AkashPanchal, V.K.; Vyas, Anjana
2012Large scale spatio-temporal data assimilation for hydrological modeling using open GIS tool and standards.Mazumadar, RiniGupta, Prasun Kumar; Vyas, Anjana
2002Levels of development and perspectives for balanced growth : Kutch.Singh, AdityaVyas, Anjana
2010Measures to prevent the haphazard development of Nagpur city.Deshmukh, RasikaVyas, Anjana