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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2011Development of 3D models for urban area using high resolution satellite data, employing photogrammetric techniques.Diwan, Rubina A.Sharma, S.A.; Vyas, Anjana
2010Development of a GIS based Interface for management and display of crime data.Mehta, Vaibhavi S.Vyas, Anjana
2016Development of an approach for SAR polarimetry signature based land use/land cover classification.Yohannan, DianaVyas, Anjana
2010Development of an automated tool for polarimetric signature calculation and visualization and study of SAR polarimetric signatures for various urban targets.Shastri, Bindi P.Sharma, Shweta; Vyas, Anjana
2008Development of basic infrastructure in informal settlements : case of informal settlements in New Delhi.Oak, ChandrashekarVyas, Anjana
2010Development of compass based algorithm for Mundra Port and SEZ.Dave, StayamSingh, Rajbir; Vyas, Anjana
2012Development of e-Atlas for rural development indicators.Patel, KrunalSarda, N.L.; Vyas, Anjana
2019Development of smart campus information system using GIS.Joshua, Ranjit E.Vyas, Anjana
1996Development strategy for a temple town : a case study of Ambaji.Sutaria, Natvar D.Vyas, Anjana
1995Displaced textile workers in a changing economy : a case of Ahmedabad city.Trivedi, ArchanaVyas, Anjana
2016Drought monitoring using NDVI derived from multi temporal satellite data.Mistry, Saloni R.Vyas, Anjana
2000Emergency response management system : case study of Hyderabad city.Thapar, Maheep SinghVyas, Anjana
2006Enhancing water service delivery in Hyderabad city : designing a public private partnership model management contract for water distribution management in Adikmet Pilot area, Hyderabad.Jangala, Sujay ArunChary, Srinivas; Vyas, Anjana
2021Enterprise-GIS solution for integrated decision makingChavda, TejVyas, Anjana
2003Environmental impact projections for a road widening projects Mehsana Palanpur state highway phase-IIA.Shah, SamipVyas, Anjana
2002Environmental impact assessment for the new urban ring road : case study-AUDA ring road.Shah, AnimeshVyas, Anjana
1998Environmental quality assessment : a step towards environment management .Vyas, MonaVyas, Anjana
1996Environmental resource degradation, dersertification : a case study, study area : Anantapur.Ramakrishna, NallathigaVyas, Anjana
2018Estimation of energy demand in urban area : a goal of smart city.Patel, Gaurang MahendrabhaiSchroder, Dietrich; Vyas, Anjana
1991Evaluation of Ahmedabad urban development authority's projects.Shah, M. R.Vyas, Anjana; Dave, V. B.