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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2003Biogas : evaluation of implementation of an appropriate technology in rural Gujarat.Sheth, JuiVyas, Anjana
2014Bore Log Analysis System web based GIS system for subsurface geotechnical database and analysis of Hazira port.Patel, AruhiVyas, Anjana
2016Borrowing mechanism of ULB in Rajasthan : a case study of Jaipur.Solanki, Harpal MahendrasinhVyas, Anjana
2009Building up property tax reform - a case of Ahmedabad.Patel, Tarun G.Joshi, Ravikant; Vyas, Anjana
2011Building web based GIS for efficient development of enterprise database for ports and SEZs.Choksi, SujaySharma, Dinesh; Vyas, Anjana
2006Causal assessment of water logging and vulnerability zonation : a case study of Western Ahmedabad city.Dubey, VishalVyas, Anjana
2010Characterization of desertification vulnerability index for Dausa district in Rajasthan.Tinekar, Priyanka V.Sastry, K.L.N.; Vyas, Anjana
2000Citizens' charter for AUDA.Desai, PinakinVyas, Anjana
2011Coastal features identification using different microwave data.Vala, PariksitChauhan, Harshad B.; Vyas, Anjana
2014Coastal vulnerability assessment of gulf of Cambay, Gujarat along the west coast of India.Madhukar, RuchiVyas, Anjana
2014Combating urban heat island effects through state of art technologies for sustainable development.Gajalakshmi, MacherlaRaut, Sandeep Kumar; Vyas, Anjana
2001Comment on adequacy and sustainability : an approach towards augmenting the efficiency for water supply system of West Ahmedabad.Baluni, AbhinavVyas, Anjana
2010Crime mapping using GIS.Mehta, SiddharthVyas, Anjana
2008Critical analysis of strategies for cessed properties redevelopment in Mumbai.Kasinath, AnbuVyas, Anjana
2013Critical appraisal of housing policies aimed at affordable housing : a case of Bhopal.Shrivastava, RatnilVyas, Anjana
2018Critical success and failure factors for Pharmaceutical drugs monitoring and management using geospatial technology.Gandhi, Shaily R.Vyas, Anjana
2012Cyclone vulnerability study of Gujarat.Nair, ShreejithAcharya, Shrawan Kumar; Vyas, Anjana
2020Data standards of slums for 3D modellingRana, Divyeshkumar Dineshchandra Rawal, Darshana; Vyas, Anjana
2012Decision support system for accident using GIS and remote sensing in Gandhinagar district.Bamania, Sejal M.Singh, T.P.; Vyas, Anjana
2020Deep learning algorithm forurban feature extraction using sar dataPithva, Nikunj Mukeshbhai Vyas, Anjana