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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2018Real estate development : case study of Ahmedabad.Qureshi, MohammedsehjanVyas, Anjana
2014Residential land market assessment : a case of Ahmedabad.Banda, Sandeep ReddyVyas, Anjana
2006Restructuring of city dynamics : a case study of Anand city.Makwana, Dhaval R.Vyas, Anjana
2014Retrieval of Marine Geoid over Indian ocean using satellite altimetry.Srivastava, AbhinavVyas, Anjana
1990Risk assessment of nuclear power stations.Hari, Kishore T.Vyas, Anjana
2014River delineation techniques and web and mobile based application : case study : the Brahmaputra river.Ali, Md. MustakSharma, Arupkumar; Vyas, Anjana
1990Role of Gujarat municipal finance board in the development of municipal bodies.Reddy, Y. R. K.Vyas, Anjana
2009Role of third party logistics in Indian economy, case of perishable food management.Deshmukh, SwapnaVyas, Anjana
2017Roof top construction material identification from hyperspectral imagery.Gharekhan, DhwanilnathVyas, Anjana
2012Route rationalization of AMTS Ahmedabad using GIS.Solanki, JayshriVyas, Anjana
2012Seismic vulnerability assessment.Chhatrola, Sandeep A.Sundariyal, Santosh Kumar; Vyas, Anjana
2014Selection of landfill site for solid waste management using weighted overlay technique for Ahmedabad city of Gujarat.Jolaniya, Om PrakashVyas, Anjana
2010Selection of solid waste disposal site using GIS and RS : a case study of Vadodara.Dave, KinjalVyas, Anjana
2014Significance of tree cover in human settlements, case of Agra.Dwivedi, NishantVyas, Anjana
2014Site suitability evaluation for ecotourism using GIS and AHP.Yadav, AnitaVyas, Anjana
2010Site suitability study for future growth of Jamnagar town in Gujarat using geospatial techniques.Patel, Ashana H.Raghavaswamy, V.; Vyas, Anjana
2020Slums in smart cities : strategy for consistent modelingRaut, Shubham VinodVyas, Anjana; Rawal, Darshana
2012Spatial BI dashboard creation for crime information visualization.Rehman, Zia UrDave, Satyam; Vyas, Anjana
1998Spatial decision support system for water supply of Ahmedabad municipal corporation.Pandey, ShashikantPathan, S. K.; Vyas, Anjana
2012Spatial distribution of human development index of districts of Gujarat and projecting for year 2013.Chaudhari, Bhargavi N.Vyas, Anjana