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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2020Urban air quality analysis for Ahmedabad – a spatio temporal assessmentSharma, Neha Vyas, Anjana; Dave, Bindi
2013Urban growth pattern analysis of small, medium, large cities using geoinformatics.Vohra, JueeVyas, Anjana
2013Urban heat island : a spatio-temporal atmospheric analysis of Ahmedabad.Siddhanti, AdityaVyas, Anjana
2013Urban heat island by land surface temperature using geospatial and ground based technology.Khandelwal, PallaviVyas, Anjana
2021Urban Heat Islands- A study for Ahmedabad cityBhavsar, Dhruvi J.Vyas, Anjana
2010Urban morphology and urban microclimate modeling : study of temperature.Husseini, Ruhaakhtar A.Rao, Venugopala K.; Vyas, Anjana
2011Use of remote sensing and GIS for building the property tax system.Yennite, PhanindraKalimuthu; Vyas, Anjana
2003Valuation of land : a case study of Vapi industrial estate and it's environs.Sarkar, BarnaliIyengar, Sudarshan; Vyas, Anjana
2019Waste management practices in hotels : case of Udaipur city.Waghmare, JinitaVyas, Anjana
1990Wasteland development : a case study of Maheshwaram watershed.Shankar, A. V. S.Vishwanath, B. N.; Vyas, Anjana
2014Water resource management plan : case study of Madurai city.Alagarsamy, A.R.Vyas, Anjana
2000Water resources conservation plan for Unjha taluka.Sharma, AnujVyas, Anjana
1994Water resources management in agriculture sector : a study for Viramgam taluka, Ahmedabad district.Paliwal, PiyushVyas, Anjana
2013Water, sanitation and hygiene study using GIS : a case study of Lablavini chali and Ramjimandirni chali, Behrampura.Verma, RajeshVyas, Anjana
2013Watershed management : case study of Mehsana district using geo-spatial technology.Tank, Chandrakant D.Vyas, Anjana
2011Watrak river basin analysis using GIS.Patel, KadamVyas, Anjana
2016Web application for urban develpoment authority : case study of VUDA.Acharya, AbhishekVyas, Anjana
2014Web based GIS application for forest right ACT implementation.Patel, Farhan A.Vyas, Anjana
2010Web based spatial decision support-land suitability analysis for agriculture crops : Ahmedabad district.Singh, Malti RaniKumar, Abhishek; Vyas, Anjana
2016Web based village information system.Pindiwala, AbhishekVyas, Anjana