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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2014Adaptation of transit oriented development in indian cities : case of Ahmedabad.Verma, PurnimaAdhvaryu, Bhargav
2015Adaptive traffic singal control : a case of Ahmedabad.Nanavati, Rutu HimanshuAdhvaryu, Bhargav
2015Affordability of public transport for relocated urban poor: case study of Ahmedabad.Sonasath, Mustafa K.Adhvaryu, Bhargav
2016Assessing and monitoring transport sustainability for Navi Mumbai.Tripathi, Ankur ManmodAdhvaryu, Bhargav
2020Assessing the development potential in a TOD : case study of AurangabadKulkarni, Madhura RajendraAdhvaryu, Bhargav
2018Assessment and improvement of walkability for MEGA stations : a case study of commerce Six roads.Gadhavi, MeghaAdhvaryu, Bhargav
2017Assessment of street design guideline in Bengaluru, tender SURE model.Kumar, GauravAdhvaryu, Bhargav
2015Assessment of sustainable urban forms : case of Ahmedabad.Kadia,PoojaAdhvaryu, Bhargav
2017Assessment of urban growth : a case of Visakhapatnam.Sadasivuni, SahithiAdhvaryu, Bhargav
2018Changes and challenges in urban villages : a case of Ahmedabad.Sharma, GauravAdhvaryu, Bhargav
2015Comparative study of performance Indicators of BRTS : case study of Ahmedabad and Surat.Tiwari, DharaAdhvaryu, Bhargav
2015Comparative study of regional public transport : a case of swarnim volvo.Shah, JalakAdhvaryu, Bhargav
2016Critical evaluation of Vadodara development plans.Bhatt, UrviAdhvaryu, Bhargav
2015Design guidelines to improve and check level of service of metro station by station audit.Sheth, Sunny N.Adhvaryu, Bhargav; Malhotra, Anuj
2020Developing an urban renewal agenda using PTAL : case Study of ChennaiNazla, FaizyAdhvaryu, Bhargav
2018Development of Ahmedabad public transport route navigation maps.Suthar, Jaiminkumar G.Adhvaryu, Bhargav
2018Development of electric vehicle strategy for Ahmedabad.Gupta, AnuragAdhvaryu, Bhargav
2004Displacement and rehabilitation by irrigation project in tribal sub region of Southern Rajasthan.Dashora, Lalit KumarAdhvaryu, Bhargav
2011Economic regulation of airports : critical review of AERA.Singh, ArunAdhvaryu, Bhargav; Iyer, Mona
2020Exploring public transport driven development scenarios using Public Transport Accessibility Levels as a tool : case of Raipur and Naya RaipurSharma, ParulAdhvaryu, Bhargav