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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2017Access to water in the slums of Hyderabad.Sreepada, Sai VandanaGoswami, Subhrangsu
2020ADAPT-SWMYamgar, RajGoswami, Subhrangsu
2017Challenges in management of urban lakes : case of Nagpur city.Luley, AnkitaGoswami, Subhrangsu
2014Challenges in solid waste management in hill towns of India, case of Mandi town.Behl, NipunGoswami, Subhrangsu
2017Changing livelihood patterns in the wake of ecotourism : case of Sundarbans in West Bengal.Ghosh, AratrikaGoswami, Subhrangsu
2017Coexistence of industries and cities : exploring the challenges and opportunities.Deshmukh, Pallavi ArunGoswami, Subhrangsu
2012Effectiveness of environmental clearance process in India : case study of construction projects.Kulkarni, VidulaGoswami, Subhrangsu; Modak, Prasad
2011Emerging role of sustainability oriented planning process in mega sports event : a case of CWG New Delhi 2010.Damedhar, Rahul S.Goswami, Subhrangsu
2014Environmental and socio economic implications of open cast mining in Goa.Jesalpura, MaharshiGoswami, Subhrangsu
2012Environmental performance of urban wastewater treatment technologies : case of Gujarat.Valvi, ManojGoswami, Subhrangsu
2014Exploring the potential of green infrastructure in Indian cities.Anusree, SonaliGoswami, Subhrangsu
2020Exploring the potential of strategic planning in shaping the future of Indian citiesChaudhari , Utpalkumar ChimanlalGoswami, Subhrangsu
2020Exploring the potential of strategic planning in shaping the future of Indian citiesKumar, SaketGoswami, Subhrangsu
2015Impact of urbanisation on hills-case of Noonmati and Kamakhya hill.Saikia, AninditaGoswami, Subhrangsu
2018Issues and challenges in measuring the service levels and improving service delivery : a case of water supply in cities of Gujarat.Chaudhari, AnjaliGoswami, Subhrangsu
2020Issues and challenges in plastic waste management – a case of AhmedabadSnigdha, P.Goswami, Subhrangsu
2011Knowledge needs assessment : a case of Rajkot city, India.Praharaj, SarbeswarGoswami, Subhrangsu
2017National missions and retrospections of city reflections : case of infrastructure sector with special reference to the smart cities mission.Banerjee, SreenandiniGoswami, Subhrangsu
2016Perceived challenges in achieving 24x7 water supply system in Ahmedabad city.Baghel, SnigdhaGoswami, Subhrangsu
2016Provision and management of infrastructure facilities in informal markets of Ahmedabad.Gohil, Vaidehi KamalkishoresinhGoswami, Subhrangsu