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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2018Affordable housing as flood resilient for low income households : a case of Ahmedabad.Rajput, PrateekSwamy, Shivanand H. M.; Mahadevia, Darshini
2018Affordable housing as flood resilient for low income households : a case of Surat.Raj, VipulSwamy, Shivanand H. M.; Mahadevia, Darshini
2013Affordable housing in Ahmedabad : the case of private developers and NGOs.Advani, DeepaliMahadevia, Darshini
2010Assessment of housing and infrastructure provision programmes for urban poor : a case of Bhopal.Datey, AbhijitMahadevia, Darshini
2011Assessment of slum upgradation programmes : a case of Pune.Hatewar, AbhishekMahadevia, Darshini
2001Conflict and conflict resolution : a sustainable approach : case study of shifting of polluting industries, Delhi.Ray, Abhijit SankarMahadevia, Darshini
1996Consumer protection rights and housing.Sangwan, SharmistaMahadevia, Darshini
1998Decentralization of industries in national capital region : case of Uttar Pradesh sub region.Baluja, RashmiMahadevia, Darshini
2012Delivery and reach of subsidies in public housing, case of national capitol territory of Delhi.Halder, SagnikMahadevia, Darshini
2000Effectiveness of resettlement and rehabilitation in a world bank financed project : case of Singrauli NTPC project : India.Asmellash, BrukMahadevia, Darshini
1998Evaluation of human development status : a study of Kerala.Sindhu, N.Mahadevia, Darshini
2010Evolving social security for construction workers : the case of the Ahmedabad.Toshniwal, RoshanMahadevia, Darshini
1998Forest management and sustainability : a holistic assessment : a case study of villages of tribal Gujarat.Bhattacharya, SanjayMahadevia, Darshini
2016Gender and public spaces : a case study of Sabarmati riverfront.Lathia, Saumya MukeshMahadevia, Darshini
2017Gender assessment of community spaces in planned residential neighbourhoods, a case of Ahmedabad.Abhilaasha, N.Mahadevia, Darshini
2015Gender budgeting analysis - accounting for gender equityAparnaMahadevia, Darshini
2014Gender safety audits in a rehabilitation site : case study of Ahmedabad.Parmar, VaishaliMahadevia, Darshini
2005Governance, sanitation and solid waste management in Jabalpur city : preparing participatory ward:level action plan.Rai, NehaMahadevia, Darshini
2010Housing affordability and mobility for migrants : a case of Surat.Shah, NidhiMahadevia, Darshini
1997Housing for industrial workers : demand and feasibility study for Ahmedabad and its subregion.Mittal, JayMahadevia, Darshini