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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2013Adapting and applying a co-benefits approach to urban transport policy formulation in the context of climate change.Kulkarni, Shweta ShripadPathak, Minal; Sreenivas, Ashok
2014Analysis of urban energy use and CO2 Emissions in India: An assessment of selected cities.Raza, AsifPathak, Minal
-Assessing carbon stock, carbon sequestration potential, and planning of urban green cover in selected urban development authorities of gujarat.Parmar, RaviPathak, Minal; Singh, H. S.
2016Assessing the benefits of green spaces in a city : case of Ahmedabad.Malviya, NikitaPathak, Minal
2015Assessment of the enviromental condition of a slum settlement in Ahmedabad : a case of Ramapir no tekro and chandola Lake.Jain, VishalPathak, Minal
2014Climate induced vulnerability assessment: an exploration into climate-resource-economy nexus for case of Mangalore.Kumar, PankajPathak, Minal
2014Comparative assessment of thermal power plants with respect to energy and environmental performance.Shah, JaykumarPathak, Minal; Shah, Hardik
2016Comparing CO2 emissions between leed-certified and non certified commercial buildings in Ahmedabad.Jain, SakshiPathak, Minal
2013Development of green courts in india : a legal study of the national green tribunal.Shastri, ChiragDesai, Bharat H.; Pathak, Minal
2014Emission co-benefit in urban transport sector: a case study of Ahmedabad.Singh, NamitaGuttikunda, Sarath; Pathak, Minal
2014Guidelines for processes and hardware specifications in rooftop solar PV project.Patel, NeelJani, Omkar; Pathak, Minal
2015Impact of BRTS on CO2, NOx & PM2 5 emissions in Ahmedabad.Patel, Akik B.Pathak, Minal
2016Mainstreaming urban green infrastructure : a case of Ahmedabad city.Panchal, Himadri RajanibhaiPathak, Minal
2015National-sub national integration on energy and climate change policies, case : Rajasthan.Vyas, SonaliPathak, Minal
2014Potential of energy saving at the city level through energy efficient buildings a study in the context of Ahmedabad city.Kumar, AdityaPathak, Minal; Rawal, Rajan
2016Residential and transport carbon emission inventory for selected wards of Ahmedabad city.Khatri, ShwetaPathak, Minal
2014Residential built form and energy consumption quantifying energy consumption with varying residential densities, ground cover and building heights.Mahajan, BhanuAdhvaryu, Bhargav; Pathak, Minal
2014Residential electricity end use projections and saving potential in Pune, India.Shah, RuchiPathak, Minal
2016Sustainable physical infrastructure for townships in Ahmedabad : sewerage and water.Panchal, Shree KurangPathak, Minal
2015Sustainable tourism development of a religious town : a case of Dwarka, Gujarat.Panchal, JigneshPathak, Minal