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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2012Acceptability of geopolymer fly ash bricks/blocks.Sain, SupriyaShah, C. B.; Trivedi, Jyoti
2017Alternate building material analysis : EE and LCE.Mishra, Madhu PriyaShah, C. B.
1999Alternate walling solutions.Akkaraju, SangeetaShah, C. B.
1970Basic study of air movement within enclosure.Shaikh, Qamar M.Shah, C. B.
1970Basic study of air movement within enclosure.Thakore, JayshreeShah, C. B.
1972Climate and house form .Naik, Hemant Y.Jain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, C. B.
1977Climatic evaluation of Ahmedabad region.Patel, Popat D.Shah, C. B.
1971Climatic evaluation of central Gujarat .Patel, Suresh R.Shah, C. B.
1976Climatic evaluation of Jamnagar region.Gandhi, Ajay K.Shah, C. B.
1975Climatic evaluation of Veraval region.Shah, Indravadan C.Shah, C. B.
2013Comparative study of engineering properties of concrete with OPC and portland slag cement mixed with fly ash.Patel, Ravikumar K.Shah, C. B.; Shah, Dhara
2001Construction cost parameters of multi-storyed building.Vyas, NamanShah, C. B.
2003Critical evaluation of alternate construction techniques.Khanna, AshitaShah, C. B.
1968Design norms for a cotton texile mill.Bhatt, JayendraShah, C. B.
1969Design norms for secondary school .Jhaveri, Sharad R.Shah, C. B.; Thakaray, M. Y.
1984Design norms for the intercity bus terminais.Pardeshi, RajendrasinhRajesh, T.; Shah, C. B.
1985Design norms of cardiac hospital.Patel, YogeshPatel, N. H.; Shah, C. B.
1994Design of high strength concrete mixes of grade M100 with / without silica fume.Trivedi, Pragnesh M.Shah, C. B.
2017Effect of climate on embodied energy in residential buildings.Chandorkar, SakshiShah, C. B.
2010Effect of different curing conditions on some engineering properties of concrete.Patel, Kalpesh; Patel, NavanitShah, C. B.; Shah, Dhara