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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2013Analysing design principles in context of Ellora caves : an interpretation center, at Ellora.Morey, Buddhistha K.Jain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
2014Architecture as consequence of automobiles.Panchal, Varish VijayJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
2013Architecture in transition : in the works of Ar Anant Raje.Chokandre, SmitJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
2013Architecture inspired by nature : understanding the values of the nature related to the sense, space and experience as perceived by the human beings and demonstrating an application of the same through dersrirgnr rprroces.Mhatre, SanketJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
2014Chalukyan architecture as an amalgamation of Nagara and Dravidian style : taking the case of Mahakuta temple complex.Manvi, NikitaJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
2019Comparing material management methods used in infrastructure project.Solanki, VatsalyaShah, Snehal
2018Comparison of contract conditions.Mehta, DarshitShah, Reshma; Shah, Snehal
2013Context relevant architecture : an institute to study the phenomenon of cities evolved around man made water system and its awareness.Thokchom, FrantishJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
2013Dargah : as a sacred commemorative architecture of chisti order in North Indian Islamic period expressions and narrations.Borah, DebasishJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
2020Decision support system for selecting efficient contracting strategy of metro rail project in IndiaJha, MrinaliniShah, Snehal; Pandit, Devanshu
2010Enquiry in to regional relevance' : .Gurram, Manjit SureshShah, Snehal
2011Exploring tectonics in architecture through the use of structure : an inquiry through design as a correlation between inside and outside .Korde, Neha P.Shah, Snehal
2011Generic essence : contemporary manifestation of the generic quality a house.Khairnar, Pooja JyotiraoShah, Snehal
2014Human consequence of space : comprehending spatial quality through socio-spatial interactions and relationships.Jacob, Abraham PanaklalJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
2013Hybrid facades : an inquiry into the role of facades of mixed-use buildings in inducing 'life' on to the streets.Nair, NehaJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
2014Insight into the architectural works of didi contractor.Dhingra, KritiJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
2013Installations - a tool for architectural explorations.Girish V.Jain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
2013Light and form.Deshmukh, Amol D.Jain, Minakshi K.; Shah, Snehal
2010Light in religious buildings : an enquiry into the sense of divinity.Jathar, VedashreeShah, Snehal
2018Management system for controlling cost in construction projects.Purohit, YashdeepShah, Snehal