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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2019Architectural 3D renders and design ideas : in works of Bjarke Ingels.Andrapiya, KhyatiSoni, Sachin
2018Association and appropriation of public spaces : design ideology and occupation of Sector 17, Chandigarh.Sehgal, NehaSoni, Sachin
2017Attitudes for treatment of spaces with respect to nature.Modh, NiraliSoni, Sachin
2015Cave or pavilion : the study of notion of spaces in Gurjit Singh Matharoos architecture.Bhensjalia, HiralSoni, Sachin
2014Concrete expressions : study of architectural expressions in four exposed reinforced cement concrete buildings in Ahmedabad.Shah, RahilSoni, Sachin
2016Constructing detail : a study of assembly of elements and their junctions in Natvarlal Nyalchand house, Rajkot.Shah, MaitriSoni, Sachin
2012Decoding meaning : a study of the relationship between ritual performance and space.Srinivasan, RanjaniSoni, Sachin
2019Decoding vulnerabilities of the built environment : a burglar's perspective.Kurien, Amit JosephSoni, Sachin
2014Impact of architectural designs on visual perception : case of Sagra basement, School of architecture - CEPT.Muntaha, Rushnaiwala Sabbir AhmedSoni, Sachin
2018Impact of layering of street edges on the visual perception of pedestrians : case of Three commercial streets of Ahmedabad.Vadalia, TulsiSoni, Sachin
2015Interpreting collage as a way of spatial composition in houses.Patel, RushamaSoni, Sachin
2018Investigating characteristics of thematic spaces in the Mughal miniature paintings of Fatehpur Sikri.Mehta, ShivaniSoni, Sachin
2018Investigating the idea of containment and release : a study of residential works of Ar. Shirish Beri.Ghelani, AarsiSoni, Sachin
2019Kumbh Mela - Ephemeral megacity : role of architecture in such mega events.Yeola, Sarang AnilSoni, Sachin
2015Making and occupying : street edges of the cross roads in AhmedabadChuhan, Maulik ShailehbhaiSoni, Sachin
2018Materials - as design generator : role of material in architectural design process of Shabbir Unwala.Shah, AkshitaSoni, Sachin
2018Preface to space : a study of threshold spaces in residential typologies of Ahmedabad.Shah, ManaliSoni, Sachin
2019Reconnecting : food, people and city : reviving the urban farmlands through innovative and integrated urban food hub.Tamakuwala, JaySoni, Sachin
2013School scapes : study of architectural and landscape elements in outdoor school environments in Ahmedabad.Shah, RuchiSoni, Sachin
2016Shape matters : influence of the irregular site-shape on the building footprint.Patel, Padvi ShammiSoni, Sachin