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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2016Studio crafts in India introduction and adaption in interior architecture.Valegaonkar, SmrutiKatiyar, Vijai Singh; Reubens, Rebecca
2016Craft of wooden boat making in India.Joseph, SebastianWadhwani, Vishal
2016Entrance gatways of Kerala temples : assessing the form of a Kerala temple Gopuram through material and construction.Yamuna, V MSheeja, K. P.
2016Analysis of the proportion system 'Modulor' in the works of Le Corbusier, Ahmedabad.Amin, SwetaPandya, Yatin
2016Between transfers and transformations - an enquiry into Correa's quest for the modern - Indian style.Sundaram, AishwaryaVora, Kartik
2016Establishing the relevance of authentication system for crafts used in interior architecture.Garg, AditiKothari, Bhavin
2016Changing notions of domesticity and its impact on residential flats in apartment typology : a brief study of family spaces in apartment typology in Ahmedabad, in context of the user, domesticity and interior architecture.Agrawal, ApurwaNagarseth, Snehal
2016Evolution of retail interiors in India : a panoramic study on changing retail interiors in India along the last fifteen years through examples of apparel and fashion retail spaces.Joshi, HarshwardhanAgarwal, I.D Sanjay
2016Impact of mechanization on traditional stone carving practice in Jain temples of Gujarat : a study of production to consumption system.Mordani, Ishita B.Duff, Arthur; Reubens, Rebecca
2016Use of traditional building elements in contemporary interior and architecture : as an approach for sustenance of traditional building crafts.Garg, KanikaJain, Rishav; Jain, Shikha