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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2013Benefit cost analysis for new facilities and system of BRTS projects.Patel, Hardik V.Akalkotkar, Prakash V.
1995Bidding strategy for construction organizations.Shah, AnishAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2000Budgeting and budgetary control in multi-sector contracting firms.Joshi, AsawariAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2008Capacity evaluation of critical road intersections of Ahmdabad.Pandit, RuchinAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2009Carbon credit : a case study of generation of wind energyMehta, SavanAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2008Carbon credit potential for cement industry.Jaiswal, VandanaAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2007Changing perceptions of residential dweller (2005-07)Dandekar, AdityaAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2001Comment on adequacy and sustainability : an approach towards augmenting the efficiency for sewerage system of West Ahmedabad.Chahwala, MayurAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
-Comparative analysis of cellular lightweight concrete blocks with conventional bricks as walling material.Sharma, Amit KumarAkalkotkar, Prakash V.; Singh, G. B.
-Comparative analysis of vehicle operating cost and vehicle operating time for expressways in india.Khera, NareshAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2003Comparative study of Government and privatized highway projects.Patel, KrupaAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2009Comparison of BOT and annuity road project with risk analysis.Vyas, NishantAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
1998Competitive bidding and bid management.Shah, AnishAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2013Comprehensive framework for successful project coordination of highway project.Brahmbhatt, Sanskar C.Akalkotkar, Prakash V.
2005Construction claims - management and avoidance.Seth, KratviAkalkotkar, Prakash V.; Vasavada, B. J.
2010Construction technology for non-refrigerant based conditioning systems.Sinha, AakankshaAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2003Contract administration in construction Industry.Raut, GopalAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2010Contractor's competitive bidding strategy in the construction industrySheth, UmangAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2002Cost-benefit assessment of IT systems in the construction industry.Dalwadi, PrashantAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
2000Critical evaluation of project management softwares used in construction sector.Kaul, DeepakAkalkotkar, Prakash V.