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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2009Experience of sky is the primary experience of architecture : study of relationship between sky and architecture of an idgah, a Jumma Masjid and a Dargah.Kanuga, Krishna DeepakArya, Meghal
2020Experiential Order in Deconstructivist ArchitectureSharan G SArya, Meghal
2012Exploring 'material' in the design of art center, M S University, Baroda.Khorasia, KeyurArya, Meghal
2015Expression of ideology of Islam in architecture through the notion of archetypeSheth, LajjaArya, Meghal
2012Expression of structure in architecture.Adsul, Swapnil S. M.Arya, Meghal
-Fortifications and gates - case of the fortified medieval city of Ahmedabad - .Lavingia, RajArya, Meghal
2013Function of crafts : understanding through the translation of presence into interior architecture.Gupta, TarunArya, Meghal
2004Generating architectural principles in works of Aldo van Eyck.Panchal, Vipuja V.Arya, Meghal
2018Heterotopia in contemporary urban environments.Salot, MilapArya, Meghal
2011Impact of culture on house form : a study of the houses in Nawalgarh, Rajasthan.Gupta, Ridhima RameshArya, Meghal
2019In search of direction in contemporary architecture : a man at the crossroad with an anxiety.Rana, SanketArya, Meghal
-Industrialization : understanding it's impact on space and construction .Dixit, Amit A.Arya, Meghal
2011Inquiry into architectural contextualism in context of Jaisalmer.Suthar, Kanishka ManoharArya, Meghal
2010Inquiry into the 'design process' : Kahn's architecture as a case study.Agarwal, NitikaArya, Meghal
2011Koenigsberger's Bubaneshwar : a brief on Koenigsberger's journey in India and a study of 20th century new towns.Mishra, NibeditaArya, Meghal
2013Layring in architecture : a case of Rajmahal palace , Banswara.Chauhan, RaviArya, Meghal
2006Meanings of tradition in contemporary Islamic spaces.Joshi, RajviArya, Meghal
2011Natural light and its manifestation in space : understanding the role of architectural elements in imparting it.Amin, RadhikaArya, Meghal
2020Nine square grid - a diagram of formal organizationRoy, SanjanaArya, Meghal
2005Polyphony of themes : locating the structure of change, focus : the walled edge, Ahmedabad, India : establishing the relation between the fort wall and urban growth in the process of change .Kunte, Keya K.Arya, Meghal