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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2010Transfomation of space as a response to ritual.Thaker, AnkitaArya, Meghal
2004Transformations in time : understanding space in the context of light, seasons, movement and human habitation.Jain, AnjaliArya, Meghal
2005Transition spaces in architecture their significance and architectural mani festations in performing arts centersBhardwaj, KrupaArya, Meghal
2004Understanding a sacred space : a study of the mosque of Rani Sipri at Ahmedabad, the Chapel at Ronchamp and the Sun Temple at Modhera.Chauhan, DhavalArya, Meghal
2011Understanding design process : framing an underlying process towards architectural design.Bhanawat, RuchiraArya, Meghal
2014Understanding interior space making through the presence of waterbody and its impacts.Deshmukh, RenukaArya, Meghal
2011Understanding of an ornamented surface in Islamic architecture of Iran.Dantroliya, Nishar FatemaArya, Meghal
2013Understanding responses of built form towards ground and landscape : a study of contemporary dwellings built in natural context.Mistry, Nischita NiranjanArya, Meghal
2006Understanding surface articulation in Islamic architecture : case study of the mosques of Gujarat.Dalal, HumaArya, Meghal
2016Understanding the correlation of occupation with the spatial organization of a built form.Mour, NeelakshiArya, Meghal
2013Understanding the essence of a space : the public and private audience halls of 15th to 17th century kings in India.Mistry, MrunaArya, Meghal
2014Unfolding creative order : a study of padmanabhapuram palace.Jacob, Ajay K.Arya, Meghal
2020Water and urban public spaces: a study of wells of JodhpurSahetai, DhwaniArya, Meghal
2019Water structures of Govardhan and their significance in Parikrama pathNair, ArathyArya, Meghal
2019Work-home architecture in a contemporary housing design.Gadkar, ShubhamArya, Meghal